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  1. jacinbox

    TPGCs & 3D printing

    Exactly, which is why it is important to look beyond the present. With the current technology one can make exact replicas. Moreover once a scan is captured the softcopy can be doctored to create flaws that will be unique to each coin produced. This will take care of Matt’s point that replicas will mirror the originals in the flaws that they carry. A BIG YES but how do we know how many specimens of a given genuine article exist? For instance everyone knows that an 1864 penny is very scarce in unc, yet no one knows exactly how many of these exist in UNC currently or where they are. How then will one tell a replica and a genuine article, possibly saved in a vault for the last 150 years, apart? Unless we have something that can tell the composition of the platchet apart or something, like Carbon 14 dating, that can pin point the exact time of when a platchet was manufactured; it is going to get very difficult for everyone. Possibly something we should all plan for and for all we know it might be the next biggest thing since TPGCs as far as numismatics is concerned.
  2. jacinbox

    TPGCs & 3D printing

    It would be simple to make moulds, casts and dies using 3D printing technology. A roll of mint 1905 half-crowns could cost as little as £49.99, only because silver blanks would be needed. A scary prospect for numismatists that could kill our little hobby, should we be worried? Could TPGCs hold the key to such a problem?
  3. jacinbox

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    It's not an Open 3 however I concede the penny has a horizontal lower leg in the 3 and I’ve seen in other worn examples. Is this something that happens due to wear?
  4. I am yet to come across a better F175.
  5. jacinbox

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    These are AKA salespeople
  6. jacinbox

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I must admit that I've purchased from Jon (off ebay) before and he seemed like a really nice guy. His pricing however is rather optimistic.
  7. We didn’t have gas at our home in the 60s but I recall we had APM SMITH’s electricity meters, which took a florin
  8. jacinbox

    Trump v Clinton

    I fail to comprehend how Trump is even being considered for the job, though I admit Clinton herself is no seraph. And this is where it gets stimulating because a sizable horde of people will consider both candidates unfit for the job and not bother to be shift their proverbial backsides. The candidate that wheedles a significant number of these ‘I don’t gives a FuXXX’ will walk away with the keys to the Bleached Cottage IMO.
  9. jacinbox

    More Pennies

    Man wants it man gets it :)
  10. jacinbox

    More Pennies

    I am with Santa on this. There is no toning band on Santa's picture.
  11. jacinbox

    More Pennies

    Based on the toning band on the reverse it would be fair to say both the pictures are of the same coin.
  12. jacinbox

    More Pennies

    .. I will alert the cavalry
  13. jacinbox

    More Pennies

    Nice coin Pere. Does anyone know who purchased the 1869 penny from Spink. Had to take my Godson to AnE so missed that sale.