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    In order to complete my date run of sterling silver George V halfcrowns, I have got a presentable rather than a high grade example of the 1913.
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    Some of his collection was sold though London Coin Auctions in 2009, Auction 124. I think lots 1135 > 1367. It's good to look through them for the info and a bonus having the images. He also had a sales list that he sold coins from.
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    F7 although listed as F6.
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    I forgot I had a scan of Satin on my phone.
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    the ref numbers he gave the pairings were the following 1164 - 1+C 1165 - 1+D 1165A - 1+A 1165B - 2+A 1165C - 2+C 1165D - 2+D
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    Davies told me about the 2 different obverses, noted after his book was published. I bought a few specimens from him. 1889, I have pairings 1+A , 1+C , 1+D, 2+A, 2+C and 2+D minor varieties, 1+A I have 2, joined leaf and severed leaf. 2+A I have 3 minor varieties, joined leaf far 9, joined leaf close 9 and severed leaf far 9.
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    In response to a message from a forum member, I am posting the images I have for the non-withdrawn type sixpences 1887-1892.