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  1. just.me

    Halfcrown list

    Some of his collection was sold though London Coin Auctions in 2009, Auction 124. I think lots 1135 > 1367. It's good to look through them for the info and a bonus having the images. He also had a sales list that he sold coins from.
  2. Nice one Gary 👍 It must be an earlier version I have a photocopy of, I can’t recall that info page. Most of my coins and books are stored away so I can’t check.
  3. Thanks, just AT would be preferred again please.
  4. Here’s the reverses, files were too big to add to original post.
  5. Looking the 2 examples of my F38 1862 mules, although low grade, I had noted that the 2 obverse’s were from different dies. On one, the V in VIC is close to the linear circle, while on the other it is noticeably further away from the circle. I checked the specimens pictured on Richards site and both types are there to be seen in better condition.
  6. the ref numbers he gave the pairings were the following 1164 - 1+C 1165 - 1+D 1165A - 1+A 1165B - 2+A 1165C - 2+C 1165D - 2+D
  7. Davies told me about the 2 different obverses, noted after his book was published. I bought a few specimens from him. 1889, I have pairings 1+A , 1+C , 1+D, 2+A, 2+C and 2+D minor varieties, 1+A I have 2, joined leaf and severed leaf. 2+A I have 3 minor varieties, joined leaf far 9, joined leaf close 9 and severed leaf far 9.
  8. just.me

    Halfcrown list

    I don’t know if they’ve been published anywhere. There were a number of varieties Peter Davies confirmed after he published his book. He kept notes of them all and gave them cat. Numbers usually with letters after the numbers. I bought an example of each of these 2 Halfcrowns from him along with some other coins back around 2010/11. I’ve attached a pic of my 5+C 1882
  9. just.me

    Halfcrown list

    1882 has 2 varieties, reverse C and reverse D 1889 obverse 2 is paired with reverses A, B & C
  10. I agree, it sold for £850 +commission, which for a unique date is an excellent buy, if it was a unique dated Penny, I wouldn't like to hazard a guess at what that would reach. The estimate was only £300-£400.
  11. It was DNW. Lot number 1773 Auction 29/09/10 I was unsure if the coin was genuine but Peter Davies assured me he believed it was.
  12. I've only found 1 of the rare 1965 varieties in around 15 years, a very difficult variety to find. I still check each one I come across. I'd have to choose the 1847 Sixpence for my coin of the year. Believed to be unique, it came up in auction a few years back and I didn't bid believing it would sell for way over my budget. When I checked the results, it sold for less than what I would have bid . . although I don't know what the winning bidder would have topped out at, I might have won it. I learnt my lesson.
  13. The Halfcrowns have 2 obverses, I in GRATIA to tooth or bead, I have found several of each of these Sixpences, the last A in GRATIA to bead or right of bead, both are not too difficult to find. The Halfpenny I have only ever found one with the thin rim. I believe that there was a 1970 Proof set found with a 1967 Penny, that would be an amazing find. I can't remember where I read this, possibly in coincraft?
  14. Hi, the scarcest 1970 variety to look for is the Halfpenny with thin obverse rim. It has D of DEI pointing between beads the Florin with the E of DEI to bead is quite scarce
  15. Hi Rashenley, did you manage to check the line running around the Penny reverse?