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    A different era, but the same principle applies. This selection of Ns on a Soho pattern shows considerable variation in the state of the remains of a double cut N on what could not have been more than a few hundred strikes (also includes a recut N).
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    I thought that originally Rob ,however on this one that is a high grade even under a microscope there was no trace of the upright.
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    More. Got to keep Historic England happy, two small areas of cobbles and a remnant of flagstone floor was revealed when I broke up the concrete cow-house floor (With listed building consent). The flagstones I used were already on site from works in the ‘70’s under the previous owner who had taken them up, and the reclaimed cobbles had been used as hard-core under the C20 concrete. Jerry
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    Excellent piece of work.....though I tend to find that I have to put in diagonal braces to stop wobble after a while, even when bolted. I am starting barn shelving out of 3x2” pine and 18mm shuttering ply later today, wife and I put last coat of limewash on the wall this morning. The homestead is almost starting to look tidy, have spent the last couple of months laying flagstones and cobbles!
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    As a slight detour from gardens, I have spent a chunk of this week building a work bench for myself in the garage. (Previous owner, understandably, took his bench with him.) I have been longing to share it with anyone, so here it is! Made entirely from 4x2 cheap timber and about 8 foot long - designed to take a substantial wood-turning lathe: