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  1. Just a thought. Suppose we believe Hobbes that the state of nature is a horrible place where laws do not exist, property is non-existent, and everyone is out for themselves without a care for others. That then is the motivation to work and pay a portion of the proceeds from the fruits of our labours to maintain a government to protect us, and maintain natural law. The irony is that the value we are getting for our buck these days is inversely proportional to the greed and self-centeredness of the government itself. Regressing into the state of nature and paying for the privilege 😃 Has a Pythonesque feel to it.
  2. my thoughts exactly Del👍🏽
  3. Participated at Noonans today, some interesting lots. This Cromwell shilling surprised me hammering at £2k incl premium. I had convinced myself that I might pick it up for a song however another bidder had seen something I didn’t. Im still looking 🧐
  4. Diaconis

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Ebay, it's not ALL that bad, is it? Let's post some coins that we're happy we picked up on that much-maligned den of iniquity. I'll start. I picked up this Cromwell shilling in 2002 and I was very pleased with it at the time. I think it has been lightly cleaned at some time but is re-toning nicely. Prooflike fields. It wasn't a bargain, in fact, double EF book at the time😲. My inexperience led me into an adrenaline-fuelled bidding war.
  5. And it goes on… prices for top pieces just keep on rising. An excellent Petition Crown just went for $960,000 with BP at Heritage. Electrotype gap filler for me😬, and they’re not cheap either.
  6. A rare sight in Telford, just taken from Mum’s kitchen window.
  7. “watching the wheels go round and round”
  8. Hope this isn't too close to the bone...
  9. Diaconis

    The crazy world of Top pop buyers

    You simply made a statement concerning the reality of things. As Diogenes said, “Of what use is a philosopher who doesn't hurt anybody's feelings?” 😉
  10. Diaconis

    Halfpenny ID check

    that's a rum one Paddy, I agree with Martin, a contemporary forgery
  11. Diaconis

    Have NGC got this wrong?

    Looks to me like a 742 on the large flan but I don't have access to Peck at the moment. Definitely not a 734, that's dated 1713.
  12. Diaconis


    No idea. I don’t claim to an innovater in the English language, I’m no Shakespeare, but I think the question should be posed to you. Why do you believe that the word woke so succinctly sums up the essence of your definition? Please explain because I am honestly at a loss here? If, as I suspect, theres no direct correlation and we’re just looking for a word to tag on to a theme then in answer to your request, I suggest decentrithorkusmogrificarbiturb, its just as absurd as using the past tense of wake IMO.
  13. Diaconis


    Peckris’ argument does seem valid when considering that “reported” truths and facts cannot be relied upon as such these days, i.e, truths and facts. Has the reporter done sufficient research? Who did he interview, was his information derived from first hand accounts, Chinese whispers or, dare I suggest, re-interpreted for purposes of eliciting certain reactions to reinforce certain existing beliefs. Does he even care about truth and honesty? Probably not. However, to discount one source of information in favour of another believing the latter to be more trustworthy than the former when equally uncertain of the source of that information may be fallacious. As for the word woke, don’t get me started, it is the past tense of wake, nothing else. I refuse to use the word “woke” in its current context and to acknowledge it in conversation; there’re already too many sub-standard, useless, dumbed-down Americanisms in the English language as it stands, without entertaining new ones. It grieves me just to hear it used. Such language seems to be created by those who lack sufficient vocabulary to express themselves adequately in the first place and therefore resort to creating such rubbish out of ignorance. Some may argue that it is a progression and development of a language. I see it as a regression.
  14. Diaconis


    …or end up with one having to imbibe a draught of hemlock😂
  15. 😂 I'm reminded of "The master of quick wit and ready repartee" joke that did the rounds at school, memories...
  16. 😂 to read the article i am requested to pay electronically… the irony.