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  1. DaveG38

    Florin diameters

    It strikes me that the difference between some of these e.g. 29.24 and 29.25 is just the end result of the limit of tolerances in the strking process. 0.01 of a mm is scarcely visible it seems to me.
  2. DaveG38

    1954 fake one penny coin

    I can recall seeing a 1954 penny on a stall in the indoor market at Barnstaple, some 10-15 years ago. Not sure if this was Paddy, but the stall was on the left immediately inside the main access door.
  3. Sometimes I wonder if I took my degree in Chemistry. Hypo is Sodium Thiosulphate, not Hypochlorite. Duuhhh!!
  4. MT = Mint Toned, usually with Sodium Hypochlorite..
  5. My dad was a postie back then, and often worked on Christmas Day, usually up to midday. He and my mum were grateful for the overtime and exceptional payments, but for me it meant I had to wait to open my presents.😟
  6. DaveG38

    "Find My Past"

    Just to whet your appetite, I have found that he was buried on 15 March 1832 at Rodborough near Stroud, so died not long before. Got several images of data concerning him. In one case, though, there is only a transcript, not an original document. Will have a bit more investigative fun in the morning. I'll forward data/docs as a PM to avoid cluttering this thread up with stuff.
  7. DaveG38

    "Find My Past"

    I'll see what I can find, but will be tomorrow now, whilst my other half is watching the footie!
  8. DaveG38

    "Find My Past"

    I do have some access, but my family is/was all UK Based, so I had no use for records from overseas. If you want to PM me, I'll see what I can find.
  9. DaveG38

    A comparison of two auction houses

    Even more simply, given that the opening post refers to an auction 'the previous Thursday', which auction house was operating on 23rd Nov?
  10. I think we have the basis for a BNJ article developing on this subject.
  11. Clearly, the A is for the original die sinker Algernon, but he died, so Archibald took over. He thought he was better and didn't fancy his work being associated with that scoundrel Algernon, so he put the die letter to the other side of the lighthouse. Then along came Augustine who put his A anywhere he felt like, and didn't care what size it was. Sounds logical to me. Simples!!
  12. DaveG38

    1965 sixpence dies 1B (D of DEI to a gap)

    Whilst we are on 1964 sixpences, have you found the two varieties of the more common obverse 3 type? One has a thick rim, whilst the other has a thinner one.
  13. DaveG38

    1965 sixpence dies 1B (D of DEI to a gap)

    I first started looking for one, around 1998, 5 years after I rekindled my interest in coins. I finally got one in 2021 , together with the other varieties of Eliz II sixpences, in an auction. Cost, allowing for rarity and pro-rata with other coins was around £20, including commission and postage. Some years ago, on here there was a collector named Gary (D?), who only collected 20thC and who sold his collection in one go, rather than split it. I don't know who bought it, and what happened to it, but the set of 6d's I bought seemed to correlate very well with those from his collection, so maybe I got the benefit of the eventual split up? Anyway, I'm afraid that I don't have a spare, and if my experience is anything to go by, it will take quite a time to find one. They don't turn up with dealers nor ebayers, probably because they are a bit obscure, and so it isn't easy to find one in the usual way. For the rarer 1964 variety, I found that grubbing through boot fair pots was the answer, so maybe this would work for the 1965 one. Best of luck.
  14. Ah, sorry, I didn't see the title of the thread.