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  1. I thought it might be a nice idea for us to have somewhere where we can display our impeccable musical tastes (or otherwise!)... YouTube has just about everything under the sun. It can be a topic to return once in a while if - (never! ) - we become slightly overloaded by the question of whether the downstroke of the second P is 'very slightly' or merely 'slightly' to the left of a tooth. What we choose need have nothing whatever to do with coins, so do excuse my first choice.
  2. I never did understand why they didn't call the album "Roger, Wilco .. not out". Perhaps too obvious?
  3. Peckris

    The Proclamation Coins

    I guess I'll take Madness's hint and take this to the Dog Pit from now on. However, as it relates to your post - yes, that's exactly how it was. De Gaulle applied the veto to all our efforts to join, and it was his death or retirement - rather than Churchill's - that was the removal of the stumbling block.
  4. Before you write off all 'prog' as beyond the pale and unlistenable, try three tracks I've picked at random from my iTunes ...
  5. Yes - I could have added Greenslade, also Henry Cow (though perhaps an acquired taste, like Gong!). I could also have mentioned Rush, but they don't float my boat. I detest ELP which is why I didn't mention them - I'd call them 'keyboard metal' rather than prog, especially as they do a lot of classical 'interpretation'; The Nice were better IMO, especially their version of West Side Story's 'America'. These days you have Porcupine Tree, Dream Theatre, Steve Wilson, Goldfrapp, Sid Arthur, Mercury Rev, Flaming Lips, Big Big Train, The Besnard Lakes, and many others .. and there have been plenty of other progressive artists over the years, such as Björk, Kate Bush, again too many to mention.
  6. So much to choose from! My first love was Genesis and they still stand up. Yes I now find sterile apart from The Yes Album. An enduring love is the Canterbury Scene : Soft Machine, Kevin Ayers, Caravan, Robert Wyatt, Hatfield & The North. Of course you can't say Pink Floyd aren't prog, despite their mainstream status. Then there's King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Gong, and so many - but that's a start. No, I don't actually subscribe to the 'Paul is dead' conspiracy - there are more holes in it than a sieve! However, there are two puzzling unanswered questions : 1. What was Heather Mills' enigmatic remark about, knowing stuff about Paul that would put her life in danger if she revealed it? 2. Why did Paul wear a black rose when they descended that staircase in Magical Mystery Tour? (I do have my own theory about that one, and Paul's own explanation is absolute rubbish).
  7. Very nice mix. Baroque, prog rock, and pop proto-prog. Of course, you know that's not the real Paul McCartney...?
  8. For the first (and possibly last? ) time, I've actually seen one of your lion heads Larry. I've marked what I believe to be the salient features in Photoshop - not very well, but just so you know I've seen what you have:
  9. Peckris

    Madness' Coin Grading Training Ground

    I think you're being too harsh. That's at least AEF in my opinion. Remember, these 1787 shillings and sixpences weren't intended for general circulation so we don't often get to see genuinely circulated worn examples. Also remember that the more you enlarge a picture from its life size the more you will exaggerate any flaws. However I wouldn't argue too closely with your markups, though a few of your red circles might indicate die wear rather than coin wear. (Oo-er, 9999 posts. Getting on the edge of unwanted - and quite probably undeserved! - Legend status..)
  10. Peckris

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The real giveaway (apart from the ridiculously oversized teeth and cartoonish appearance already noted) is that the portrait is the young pre-1874 one (possibly even from 1860-61 for those in the know?) which is quite impossible for an 1882. I'd suggest this isn't a forgery, more a replica not intended to fool the genuine collector.
  11. Absolutely no way is that AUnc - the obverse could be classed EF but the reverse is more like VF. These are NOT RARE!! Hang about and you will see a nice one at a reasonable price.
  12. Hmm. Is it just me, or can anyone else see an Owl and a (pussy) Cat in her name? I did have to use some oil, but perhaps you can just make out the Cat sitting on the Owl's head there. However, I haven't yet been able to see the beautiful pea green boat..
  13. Peckris

    Toy Coins

    Yes, my tiny model (teaching?) coin does have the initials SGO.
  14. Peckris

    Toy Coins

    I have the tiny Albert PoW one, which has his baby bust one side, and '12 PENCE MAKE ONE SHILLING' on the reverse.
  15. Just pass the ready rub
  16. Yes, an embarrassment, a living endorsement
  17. You're an embarrassment.
  18. Oh, it's "those" hidden 3D images - I only ever had limited success seeing the underlying image. I've tried these and it's not happening.
  19. Both images are reduplicated patterns. The top one looks like a row of baby birds looking up into foliage. The bottom one looks like Theresa May's footprints in a field of wheat.
  20. Hi Madness, Welcome to the forums . Trying to answer your questions as best I can: In relation to the 1787 shilling, you don't really need to worry about weak strikes. It was a limited edition strike using a revolutionary new method - compared to standard early milled - made available (at the time) only to BAnk customers. This is why so many exist in high grade; in fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen a worn one? Evidence of cleaning / dipping is either obvious, or it's more subtle and you would need to see the coin in hand, or else post good pictures here No, not personally. With or without semée of hearts makes little difference to me (I think my shilling is one type, my sixpence the other?) Yes There are members of this forum who will give you excellent advice on good sellers.
  21. It's simply an exercise in tying you to them for a guaranteed 12 months. "12 times a lower price" is still considerably more than if you were to change supplier next month. They're simply buying your loyalty and guaranteeing a fixed income. It's the same principle as building societies offering a higher interest rate for a longer term bond : they can afford to pay out more knowing they have your money for a longer period. Whether or not you personally would ever have considered changing supplier or moving your money isn't a fact that accountants take into consideration.
  22. That's Peter Nichols - possibly the best known of the modern era cabinet makers?
  23. That's the whole crux of the matter. It's such a shame that 'charitable aid' can't work the same way as emergency services that go out to help those boys in the Thai cave, and other similar situations.