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    Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Hammered English, unusual coins. Buying the bottom end of the grades and trying to research and identify them.

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  1. Having trouble visiting your web site, Clive. Have you abandoned it?

    I drop in every couple of days.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. HistoricCoinage


      Apologies, everyone! The site got hacked and I'm working on restoring it. Nothing compromised, should be back on my Monday!

    3. Ukstu


      Thanks Clive. Hope you get it sorted soon. ?

    4. Geordie582


      Communicating with it OK now !

  2. Geordie582

    Mis-Struck Henry III penny help

    I reckon Nicole of Kings Lynn or York. (no S after OLE)
  3. Geordie582

    eBay seems fishy.

    Just beware of the multitude of Commercial 'reproductions' that are supposed to emboss some sort of identification that it is, in fact, a reproduction. Unfortunately some crooks are finding ways to erase this mark. So if it is a bit pricy, especially, scrutinise it carefully. A good magnifier is a must. Study the subject before spending much.
  4. Geordie582

    EU referendum - in or out?

    This thread sucks. Squabbles about the outcome of a referendum!!! Out won get used to it, just as we had to when Labour won elections!
  5. Geordie582

    EU referendum - in or out?

    Ahhh! The racist slur. The weapon of losers.
  6. Geordie582

    EU referendum - in or out?

    Let's have a referendum on plastic - in or out.
  7. Geordie582

    EU referendum - in or out?

    Can't say I see your point. People voted and in general elections they vote in their government. Pray tell me when we elected Jean-Claude Juncker?
  8. Geordie582

    EU referendum - in or out?

    Lots of Remainers spitting their dummy out. We live in a democracy which means the MAJORITY rule. If you don't like it - try a dictatorship. (You can get a taste in the EU)
  9. Geordie582

    Magna Carta £2 (not in the BU sets)

    Up here, In the back of beyond (Cumbria) we will have to wait until all the 2016 coins have passed through every hand down south before we will see any. Strike that - I discovered a 2016 10p today! Normally we don't see new issues until November/December !!!
  10. Geordie582

    EU referendum - in or out?

    So you don't think his British logic is relevant? He's the only one I've heard in this campaign that makes any sense.
  11. Geordie582

    EU referendum - in or out?

    I think the point is that he is warning America not to make the mistakes that the EU ( and UK) are making.
  12. Geordie582

    EU referendum - in or out?

    This is the discussion, in America, but with a UK participant, Really had me transfixed and scared me rigid. Mainly because his forecasts all made sense and were purely logical.
  13. Geordie582

    EU referendum - in or out?

    Frying pan And fire come to mind
  14. Geordie582

    EU referendum - in or out?

    Jaggy, Chingford and Coin.G . Thank you ! You've saved my blood pressure by not having to reply !!!
  15. Geordie582

    EU referendum - in or out?

    It still doesn't seem to sink in. You CAN get rid of GB politicians, you CAN'T get rid of Eurocrats, not even the European Parliament!!!