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    I agree with that Pete, as that’s bound to be the case when you have pretty much the entire series for sale. The F71 as you know is 10 a penny in low grades but I am a big fan of coins graded by PCGS in MS65 and above, which she was :-) I did speak to Mr Paisley about unsold lots and he had about 25 coins (of which one was proof – 1881 if I recall correctly) left which I was told he would relist at some point without the bidder premium but I can’t remember if that was after speaking to Steve and acquiring the unsold lots at a fixed price. Obviously Neil makes his money on the premium so I guess he will look at getting a reasonable discount on the unsold lots. There was also some talk of listing the unsold lots with LCA without reserve, so we’ll have to watch le space. I am really super glad that so many forum users supported Steve by bidding on (or buying) his coins.
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    Cheers Colin - I've got hold of the info I needed. Top forum this for anything coins
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    Welcome to the Forum Mark, this place adds another dimension to the hobby in my view Here's an interesting old sausage, albeit fairly common
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    http://www.n-tv.de/politik/Gauck-erinnert-an-Skagerrak-Schlacht-article17823501.html http://www.n-tv.de/mediathek/videos/politik/Briten-in-Deutschland-blicken-besorgt-auf-moeglichen-Brexit-article18026296.html
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    Not the Euros, but football related. http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/36605999/swedish-footballer-sent-off-for-farting-on-the-pitch
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    That’s why I will get so much more pleasure owing a fully struck unc currency coin without bag marks than the equivalent proof in mint state (even if the proof is a lot more expensive).
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    Most of the other lots no one seemed interested for instance Lot 84 F71, Lot 87 F79 and Lot 103 F111; but I had to have them because they were in better grades to mine.
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    It's not British, but I recently purchased this little Swiss copper 2 rappen. The surfaces are really lovely, and it has some great color.
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    Lol, thought this was funny.....You might want to be more scared of the upcoming youth
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    coin news is ok I've heard
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    So the out campaign haven't lied throughout this either ? What about their slogan on the bus of the £350million per week we "give" away, what about the lie that 60% of this countries rule are made up by the Eu ? (in fact its around 10%). I was very much a vote to be won over yet from what i have read and watched on all of these TV debates the out campaign don't appear to have any real plans in place on how they will change everything, they just keep on saying were british we'll be ok. They've spent months slating the EU, and its members yet they believe when it comes to re negioating terms on trade they'll be welcomed with open arms and will get what we currently have, cant see it myself. Also When question last night on immigration numbers and asked if they intended on lowering the numbers, all three (Boris, Gisela and that other women) looked at each other in dismay and couldn't answer. In all honesty i'm sick to death of the debate and cant wait for it to be over. I believe its bought out a horrid side to most of this country. Ive heard people referring to immigrants as "them", these are human beings who aren't as fortunate as some of us, yes they are a number that like others in society are bad but, are the Uk going to start getting rid of social benefit cheats and spongs of society ... i doubt it !
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    Prax... I have the Norweb catalogues...lot 43 is a saxon penny...is that what you are after? I can give more info if it is
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    A busy few weeks with the family and festivals. No major purchases in the last 2 months though I did go for a few upgrades. I also won 10 lots from Steve's auction including this beauty. I hope Steve (@Accumulator) won't mind me using his photos now that I have his coin I have to write to him to get the provenance for my winnings. I hope the auction was a grand success for Steve and I am glad I did my part