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  1. Are you honest in that regard? I feel very sorry Do not drink much, just a little for pleasure. Usually I stop before I get drunk.
  2. I love to discuss political topics. I do not take it personal. And no, I do not tend to alcoholism. But I like gin and Scotch!!! Even if you would ask me about problems in Germany. I would be glad to answer your questions. because you show interest in my home country in that case. Please keep that in mind the other way around. Another topic would be coins and coin business...
  3. It seems someone is pissed...
  4. well, every year I can see more and more automobiles registered in the UK on our streets. That is great!! I hope there will be even more British people visit Germany. Honestly, it is difficult to start a new life in a new country. One may try that because of adventuresomeness, because of love or (tragically) because of personal catastrophy. What means in your house? Are you a coin dealer *apologize for my ignorance*
  5. I have not said this. But racism becomes more noticable all over Europe. Google for news about that issue in Eastern Germany...
  6. I am not thinking this
  7. writing a book about British coinage is quite a big task already. I have family and employment here. Social insurance system is far better here compared to yours. Any vacancies in coin business??? I am very competent numismatist and member of British Numismatic Society... But, hey... the question is rhetorical. After Brexit you would like to cut down immigration...
  8. I did not of course. But I would have, if I would had permission to do so. To be born, grown up, live and work in Germany does not mean that i can not express my opinion. And in my point of view I should express it. Perhaps for you inhabitants of the British isles the opinion of a continental citizen turns out to be interesting and worth listening...
  9. source: https://twitter.com/goetageblatt/status/746223520506490880/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
  10. source: https://twitter.com/SimonZurbrugg/status/746258422765658112/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
  11. http://www.n-tv.de/politik/Gabriel-will-Briten-Doppelpass-anbieten-article18101186.html German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel suggests to grant dual citizenship to British citizens with residence in remaining EU-countries
  12. I would call it courage! I am sure you thing the same manner. Still I say "resist the beginnings". As long as such brave individuals are alive we have hope.
  13. I do not feel guilty. I was not alive these days, I can not be suspected for that crimes. But it is good to take the own history as a backup for future action. Taking the own history prevents other to point the fingers towards the own argumentation. Historical events have certain dynamics. The times and situations might be different, the behaviour of individuals and populations can be studied and given the human nature, certain reaction in distinct situations can be predicted.