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    I emailed the seller to say it was a forgery - I never got a reply
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    My guess is that "1933" object will at some point be relisted with a shocking asking price of between £50K to £100k. It will then attract more than 50 "bids". Bidders tend to have feedbacks of 1, 0, 179, 705, or private. Then it will be relisted again with some excuse about the "bidder" wouldn't pay up. Then the game will repeat itself.
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    Yes, they are very good likenesses but fortunately they have different numbers of border teeth. True 1933 - obverse 162 teeth, reverse 184 teeth Fake 1933 - obverse 160 teeth, reverse 159 teeth ( I did a quick count and must check these)
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    Certainly circumstance motive difficult to ascertain at this point; not always clear what the RM is up to even 140 years later!
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    Those angled serifs must be really tricky for forgers! If the pics I've seen are the real thing it's just the pattern penny missing the extra wave, the "ordinary" 1933 has it.
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    A cat that's just eaten a crow?
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    Yes, absolutely. It would be great to have an 'exclusive' and to show the picture of the quarter showing the R/B. Getting official recognition will probably take until some brave soul takes on an update of Freeman (or creates an all new book covering halfpennies).