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  1. hazelman

    Using acetone to clean coins

    Hi all, Ive seen a few posts recommending acetone to clean coins , i was always under the impression that one should never attempt to clean coins. Is this a normal practice in the coin collecting world? Is it being used on any coins regardless of the metal. Having asked the question I will still shy away from cleaning coins. Comments on this practice would be much appreciated. best regards
  2. hazelman

    1908 Pennies F166, all AU or thereabouts

    OK OK misunderstanding
  3. hazelman

    1908 Pennies F166, all AU or thereabouts

    Id like one but I have no objection if PWA wants all as he has been good to me in the past.
  4. hazelman

    1908 Pennies F166, all AU or thereabouts

    Morning I’m interested in purchasing at least 1
  5. hazelman

    Iphone coin photography

    I am interested to know if anyone has had success at great coin photography using an Iphone. I believe its possible and i'm looking to create a setup that works,that is easily copied by others and is not cost prohibitive. I am asking as this may already have been accomplished by someone on the site, in which case i will evaluate their system and if possible make improvements. My setup will consist of a copystand, appropriate lighting (could be ring lighting or led lights) a suitable platform to place the coin and of course an iphone. Looking forward to your responses.
  6. hazelman

    Iphone coin photography

    If anyone ever purchased a Modahaus steady stand and wishes to sell it im interested. i think the company may have gone bust. I cant find any available on Amazon ebay etc.
  7. hazelman

    Photographing Coins

    Any advise on the best copystand?
  8. Looks like I missed the boat all sold out
  9. hazelman

    1860 penny D or E or DE?

    I agree Paddy. If Richard only knew how much assistance to us minnows he provides. I use Gouby and RICHARD the lion heart.
  10. Will anyone who finds any with the correct hole spacings please inform us all. Ive also tried and failed.
  11. hazelman


    Thanks I’m just tired should be home tomorrow
  12. hazelman


    Rob is the one I want part of this sale?
  13. hazelman

    1860 penny D or E or DE?

    As a Minnow and never having seen a freeman reference book i stand corrected. When i see freeman 3 I had never stopped to think that could be a reference to an Obverse. So today i learnt that Freeman 3 is the obverse on the F13 coin.I should have realised my error as Richard mentioned the reference for the Gouby obverse first. I need to acquire a reference from Gouby Obv/Rev to Freeman Obv/Rev.
  14. hazelman

    1860 penny D or E or DE?

    Referenced by Gouby as BP1860L Obv E Rev D. (My example has the floating ship, which confused me as the only mention of the floating ship by Gouby is on Rev E.)
  15. hazelman

    1860 penny D or E or DE?

    Secret Santa - i stand to be corrected but i think you meant to say Freeman 13.
  16. Had not realised that an update pack was available. Have just sent Michael an email to enquire costs, etc. Always worth checking into predecimal. Thanks
  17. hazelman

    UNC 1912 and 1922 penny coins

    Hi, looking for UNC AUNC 1912 and 1922 penny coins
  18. Thanks guess i need to purchase this book if im going to improve my skills.
  19. Thank you Jerry. What is the key identifying feature that makes it a rev g?
  20. hazelman

    UNC 1921,1922 and 1926 Bronze penny

    In my quest to have a Uncirculated run of pennies from 1902 to 1950 I am still in search of many- if anyone has spare 1921,1922 and 1926 penny for sale please contact me.
  21. Agreed.As mine is a small convenience store near a college many of my customers are students often purchasing soft drinks and crisps etc. My products are all price marked perhaps the suppliers will start factoring in this cost when deciding on their prices.
  22. Shopkeepers like myself would disagree. Contactless payments of small amounts hit us directly in the pocket. Banks charge us a transaction fee for every contactless payment reducing our profits significantly.
  23. 1 - have i referenced correctly? 2. What grade would you give this?