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  1. Cliff

    Unusual Charles I Halfcrown

    Thanks for the response Rob and the Noonan's/North Yorkshire Moors collection reference. They had some fantastic pieces in their 20 January 2020 auction. Their Lot 899 (Bull 292b/23) just being one of many different coins. Cliff
  2. Recently bought as S.2775. I have as S.2773, Bull 292b/23. Bull comments Rev "Colons, most unusual". Are there many about?
  3. Don't see many half-crowns mentioned so thought I'd post this rare Charles I one, recently won on ebay. Bull 482 / 30
  4. What do you reckon to this folks, repair gone adrift?
  5. Loads of double sided TWO PENCE coins produced using this very clever method for a few pounds. Loads of 1967 (etc) Pennies available for a skilled craftsman to work the majic on.
  6. I'm not finding it Pete, is it up for sale (where?)?
  7. I notice B fault in BRITANNIAR but not in all No Incuse curl examples?
  8. Can't see any specific HIBE ref in M.G's volume 1 but notice many (perhaps all?) of M.B's Plume mm's are N.2205, S.2769 with a Hawkins 2a ref. Could the two 2a refs on the ticket be more specific Hawkins refs? Confess to not having Hawkins knowledge at all. Cliff
  9. Cliff

    Charles I Triangle Mm

    May well be Michael! Thanks.
  10. Cliff

    Charles I Triangle Mm

    Charles I Hammered Silver Halfcrown Mm Triangle F currently on eBay. I'm aware of Triangle Mm variants (chipped, in a circle etc) but don't know of a "Triangle F". Have asked the seller but no reply as yet. I have little knowledge of Halfcrowns, can anyone enlighten me please? Cliff
  11. Looking forward to seeing your latest coins. Reckon your haircut would have cost you a Bob or two back in the day Ian????