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    Charles II silver early milled - particularly Crowns and Halfcrowns of the 1660's

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  1. Weaver

    1679 Crown - Is this 3rd or 4th bust?

    I couldn't believe that a replica Cromwell crown was on display for sale in a local antiques bazaar priced at £50 😮 Is that normal? For a replica piece??
  2. Weaver

    1679 Crown - Is this 3rd or 4th bust?

    I agree my friend, hence the challenge! I personally love this period in history, and I expect the origin was being in Stuart house at school no doubt. I read daily excerpts from Pepys diary, plus one of my ancestors fought in the civil war, so it's no surprise that I ended up focussing on collecting Charles II coins. It would have been Cromwell coinage, but yeah right! I'm not made of money 🤣 All the best, Weaver (Wayne)
  3. Weaver

    1679 Crown - Is this 3rd or 4th bust?

    I agree, and what JLS has taught me is the value of a problem-free coin over a higher grade with issues piece. I would be prepared to pay a little more than book price for a lower grade yet problem-free coin with eye candy appeal, and I'm hoping that my future customers would feel the same way. All the best, Weaver (Wayne)
  4. Weaver

    1679 Crown - Is this 3rd or 4th bust?

    Out of interest, here is the reverse of my Crown.
  5. Weaver

    1679 Crown - Is this 3rd or 4th bust?

    Thank you for the lesson Chris! 😊 All the best, Wayne
  6. Weaver

    1679 Crown - Is this 3rd or 4th bust?

    Just to totally verify Sword, are you agreeing with Michael that my crown is 3rd bust? Cheers, Weaver (Wayne)
  7. Weaver

    1679 Crown - Is this 3rd or 4th bust?

    Many thanks Sword ! I have always been fascinated with this turbulent period in British history, so finding my niche has come quite naturally. Thank you for the guide. JLS on here suggested I buy a copy of Bull's book which I have duly done and await it's arrival. Guess I should wait for book to arrive, but are there many varieties in this series? All the best, Wayne
  8. Weaver

    1679 Crown - Is this 3rd or 4th bust?

    Thank you Michael-Roo, I'm still learning to grade accurately, and in the case of this Crown, I was thinking About VF, but I appreciate your assessment. Many thanks! Weaver
  9. Weaver

    1679 Crown - Is this 3rd or 4th bust?

    Thank you Michael-Roo What grade would you give it? All the best, Weaver
  10. Hello my friends, So, I have been on a journey of numismatic endeavour to try and finally find my niche, and it's early milled Charles II silver, specifically Crowns and Halfcrowns. Anyway, I need your help please... Is the attached an example of a 3rd or 4th bust of King Charles II ?? And can any of you clever people point me towards a simple guide to distinguishing between them. Your help would be much appreciated. All the best, Weaver
  11. Honestly Sword, I should have been on commission mate! 🤣 But they are seriously useful little coin mats! I've got a nice 1856 Nova Scotia one penny token sitting on it right now! All the best, Weaver (wayne)
  12. Thanks Paddy! I was worrying that I had upset everyone 😂 and maybe those coin mats I recommended a while back were terrible after all 🤣 Appreciate the confirmation Paddy. All the best, Weaver (wayne)
  13. Please don't leave me hanging guys 😂 Just a quick confirmation would be really helpful. Cheers, weaver (wayne)