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    British pre-decimal type collector. Soft spot for Victoria, George II, Anne, Mary II, bronze/copper pennies, shillings.

    Also like Chess & Cricket (non-player now), keeping fit (relatively ....).

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  1. Garrett

    so sad

    good on you Tom, RIP, thanks for everything. Tomorrow will be a good day. thanks again, Garrett.,
  2. Stewarts probably looked more like this around the time of the token. still the same corner though I believe (Denham and East).
  3. Yes they do (*edit* at least they've been in the current position for a long-long time. Early buildings were sometime relocated, even if just slightly. There are some Rocky historical groups on FaceBook that would be worth joinging if you're keen). In the below video the Criterion (the 'Cri) is the white building in the middle of the frame at 1:33. Stewarts is the building behind the post office (with the clock tower) at 2:15 and you can see the name on the building at various times. cheers
  4. Garrett

    London Coin Fair Nov 2019

    Remember well being a newish collector and how totally exciting it can be. Glad you had a good time !! Look forward to more posts, stories, and pics of coins. cheers - Garrett.
  5. Alright, we're away again tonight lads. Hold on to your hats ! cheers
  6. Nice coins Lee, lovely pieces of history. cheers
  7. Garrett

    1886 Victoria one pence

    yeah keep it going Josh ! I can understand the thrill. Love to see the pics and don't worry about the nay sayers around here they wouldn't be able to dig up a carrot. cheers
  8. Garrett

    Greetings from a new member in the USA

    Welcome VillaRose ! I do enjoy florins and halfcrowns too. I was born in 1969, Australia had already given up the pennies and the pounds in 1966. However there will still a few around and still acceptable in corner stores and not long 'till I was hooked. Hope you enjoy hanging around here, we're all completely normal. cheers Garrett.
  9. Good luck Cathrine ! I've just had a look and some fantastic coins there ! Pity about not having someone interested enough to pass the coins on to, but that is probably the norm for serious collectors. Will certainly be the case with me as well (will hurt a little to sell while I still am capable to appreciating them). I am certain the next custodians of the coins will adore them as much as you have. Take care cheers Garrett.
  10. IT professional (Senior Technical Analyst) in the Oracle/Peoplesoft space at the local University. But I feel in love with old coins as a primary school kid a long time ago ......
  11. Garrett

    1844 crown real or fake?

    Doesn't look too much different to this one sold a few years ago. http://www.noble.com.au/auctions/lot/?id=311206 cheers Garrett.
  12. Very nice coin !! Seeing an 1861 penny with Britannia's left leg blown off. Not a "variety" man ha ha ha carry on. cheers Garrett.
  13. Garrett


    Yes Happy New Year everyone ! 2018 might be the year I finally get a camera as I suspect taking photo's of coins is an interesting hobby in itself ! My work is bringing in (through enterprise bargaining) a policy where you can cash out your annual and long service leave so I will force myself to spend some of that on a camera set up. Get ready for some shocking pics of coins ha haha. Cheers Garrett
  14. Garrett

    Robinson Cutler Token

    Interesting. Strange to think the coin would have been so worn by 1838. Might have had a helping hand.... ? cheers Garrett.