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    Nummi gratia fori defensor

    Well obviously British coins. Classic cars (mainly Triumph and other BL masterpieces of the 70s). Heavy old rock music from prog to metal (Pink Floyd, Sabbath, Zep, Rammstein etc etc). I still fancy Kylie Minogue.

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  1. I managed to do it by pasting the link and clicking to post it BEFORE it expanded. Please go there and see what I spent ages reporting to you before the wretched nuisance of the '403 Forbidden' bug struck. 😠

    1. Chris Perkins

      Chris Perkins

      Hello Peckris, sorry for the useless communication of late. The forum software is beyond my control and in fact it may actually behave differently depending on what the user is using (e.g. windows, mac, phone etc). I don't tend to update the software as soon as new version is available because it very often causes more problems. I will look into it (promise).




    2. Peckris 2

      Peckris 2

      Ah, ok. I'm using the latest Firefox on a Mac (the same issue is present on an older version of Chrome and an even older version of Safari). Looks like the software itself is SNAFU with respect to this particular thing.