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    Just brought this 1918 halfcrown and awaiting delivery. It is very well struck for both obverse and reverse and is one of my best examples of the series. I am just missing the 1913 to complete my date run of George V sterling silver halfcrowns.
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    Trident shaft is noticeably thicker on G too.
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    Reverse G by number of teeth
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    I cannot easily make any judgements or spot any distinctive differences about the hair to shoulder for the two reverses - I'll leave that to you with two more photos, reverse G first, then I. The sea/rock line is the diagnostic for me. But you're right that reverse I is considerably rarer and quite an underestimated scarcity in my opinion. Happy to help! PS another diagnostic is that both arms of the H of Half point to spaces on Rev G and beads on Rev I...
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    Definitely reverse G. Easiest way to spot is the sea meeting rock level at the extreme left of the exergue. On Rev. G it rises up slightly and does not cross the linear circle. On Rev. I it is pretty much level and does cross the linear circle. See enlargements below...
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    My latest acquisition. Probably not rare but interesting being .925 silver.
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    Probably make about £40 / 50 profit on eBay .. oops sorry I mentioned that awful word on this site ..
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    Purchase these coins in Canada for around 62 pounds ($100 CAD). Shillings: 1711 Queen Anne shilling. 1745 King George II shilling. 1787 King George III shilling. Half Crown: 1697 William III half crown.
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    Nice coins Lee, lovely pieces of history. cheers
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    sorry for the wording I purchased these coins for 62 pounds in Canada.
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    £8000-£10000 is a hell of an estimate