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    I actually wrote that article - glad you found it interesting.
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    Take a look at this ! I wish I was rich ! It makes your mouth water. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rainbow-PCGS-MS-65-BU-1967-Great-Britain-1-2-Penny-Unc-Top-Grade-391/223267471542?hash=item33fbc740b6:g:ElAAAOSwEwhb7Orn
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    Farthings are superior to Pennies and that goes to the folk that collect them.
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    Three taciturn guys in a pub somewhere in deepest rural England. All sitting there supping their pints. One of them says, "nice warm day today". Half an hour later another one says "well I thought it were a bit cool". Another half an hour passes, and the third fella gets up and says "Anyway, I'm going home, too much bloody arguing round here".
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    I'm afraid this is all the 1909 I have... On the lighter side, I did get it in change in the late 60s...
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    Hi Dave and welcome. I don't know whether you detect / collect or both. This book published by the owner of the forum will set you on course. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/0948964855/ref=tmm_pap_new_olp_sr?ie=UTF8&condition=new&qid=1543774736&sr=8-1
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    Hi Dave and welcome! These pence can be very difficult to identify properly, especially the first times... looking at your images I would say: London mint, class 10cf2 Matteo
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    The die 2 penny went for £5148 which I thought was reasonable. The E over P went for £514.80 but will probably go back as it's no more than a die crack. The R over B went for £397.80 and looks pretty authentic in hand. The 1827 was a real steal at £1287.
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    Not yet, but I might be forced to. They annoyingly have them on their site for 2003 onwards and for bullion from 1968. I do know that 1978-9 thru 1997-8 reports are available for viewing at the Public Record Office(?) at Key for some large sum. I just cant believe that someone hasnt scanned them and got them online somewhere or hopefully written the figures down. I know that Chris was asking for figures some time ago, but I dont know whether he got them.
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    Trouble is, it never reaches Christmas - there's no stable version...