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  1. Peter

    Farthing pickup at brum

    Bobby Sands was 808080
  2. Peter

    Farthing pickup at brum

    come on peck...you are slippery as an owl.
  3. Peter

    Farthing pickup at brum

    in fact mine was the finest graded ever by a TPG so I polished it up for ebay...gonna be rich . My coins are bitches your coins are whitches.
  4. Peter

    NGS Grader Had a Bad Day ?

    Come on that doesn't reach F . Mr T I bought a surplus load of kangaroo skin underpants if you would like some....all XF 40.
  5. Peter

    Farthing pickup at brum

    Paid less than 1/4 of that for mine and it's nicer....Brum happy hunting.😎
  6. Peter


    Jerry You have a place I dreamed of.I lost Mrs Peter nearly 4 yrs ago and the gas has run out of my bag...had the idea,funds were possible. Going to be a Granddad in September so hey a different direction...a boy to inherit and learn from my cars/bikes/coins/fishing,history. I may sell up everything and go around the world in a yacht crewed by me and a few (non tattooed,or surgically enhanced ladies). Likely to stay here...but currently sniffing around a Jag,Porsche,Merc or unseating myself on a Jota.
  7. Peter


    Only where Jerry hasn't finished the underpinning.
  8. coin monthly adverts...such delight ...I got a few nice coins if you had fast fingers. I went to a coin fair in Norwich and ended up with a flintlock pistol...that took some explaining.
  9. Peter

    Car boot sales/markets in West Wales

    Just enjoy the country side and leave your horned helmet at home.....Wales well we are still able to shoot the feckers....head to mumbles for a bit of a do....I still scratch.
  10. nail on head. Peckchris may add to this.😎
  11. Welsh....nicely overgraded....and still going.
  12. My late wife phoned Colin about a Peck....he put her in touch so when I appeared from London one day I was greeted by a 2nd edition with dust jacket. Blimey really fond memories.
  13. Oh happy days....I have many....lets describe a really super almost gf++++ muggins here bought. Then came along Colin Cooke....I just looked back and he died 15 years ago.FFS I only buy DNW or Baldwinds....nope I still like a tickle in the market....proud owner of a Celtic bronze ax.....my flintlock pistol is another coin....find.
  14. Coin news ....Who advertises ? Why if you are into coins the net does it. I wouldn't take a long subscription. I paid for Spinks circular and got 1
  15. Just got a LT 1902 1/2d....my plan worked perfectly....early bid as if a standard 1902 £4.20 until the last few seconds...two others had noted but I had my bid in.😊 £20 lighter but a NVF completes my 1/2d's.....most are EF+....(1895-1970 RIP).....skip around the garden time.
  16. Peter

    CGS slabbed coin

    Pot calling kettle black for "Norfen Monkies"
  17. Maybe being postponed until Monday I can convince my daughters of an ideal Fathers day present...although I doubt it.🙄
  18. Peter

    Cleaned or not cleaned

    Appears like old polishing and retoning.
  19. So much potential for FA Cup ears.😁
  20. I did Mule train with a nappy on my head. If you don't get it you will be too old or too young to be sucking in vital oxygen
  21. Going against the grain I hanker after Woods coins and amassing a few.The sweep of the right hand stands out.
  22. Bob Are you coming over the pond again? Or did the haggis put you off? I only eat it once a year ....maybe being pickled in a nice single malt helps. I only do it as the wider family has Scottish connections but most of the bugg*rs are dead (deep fried mars bars Etc).
  23. Long may they reign Vicky and keep your coin eye/ear sharp.😠😉