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Found 10 results

  1. I felt that I contributed too much detail on the thread on Half pennies showing all the overstamps and errors I had found in my own collection collected in the last 6 years. Every coin has come from eBay and I have never attended an auction and I have enjoyed the challenge of finding errors already discovered and covered comprehensively by M Goulby in the specialised edition Bronze Pennies from 1860 to 1901 and others mentioned in numerous excellent websites created and administered by long time members of this forum and others who I am unsure if members. I wanted to photograph and record all my examples for my own catalogue in readiness for donation to the Trust I hope then it will be used after my demise to help them sell off my collection. I may replicate examples in other places with this in mind. I will use the prefixes used by Goulby and so that I can start to remember them the Freeman nomenclature. I find errors surprisingly interesting, Perhaps because of the turmoil in the transition to Bronze from Copper they illustrate a somewhat chaotic time at the mint. In previous discussions others have explained some of the problems there is an interesting back story which involves a lot of politics and a great deal of personal intrigue in the life of L C Wyon the designer of the new reverse and obverse. The royal mint seems to have been undergoing a lot of changes which may contribute to some of the story and sadly most f the records for this period are lost because of a fire in the records office of the Royal mint in the 19th C. If you feel you would rather this be included in some other thread then just let me know and I will stop and relocate. It takes a lot of time to photograph and record these errors. More than anything else I would be eternally grateful for your own examples that will help verify any previously unlisted. This goes for the half pennies in particular which do not get the same limelight as the penny. So please add your own Thanks
  2. I am in search of Green Pennies , pennies and half pennies that have been buried. I know many of you might find the idea strange (well it is me ) but I am doing some experiments with green pennies and wondered if anyone has any they have dug which they might be looking to get rid of (cheap!) usually collectors don't like them so they have limited value except to strange people but I find them useful. Victorian ones are best but also earlier dates pennies or half pennies perhaps farthings. The process of the gradual replacement of the outer layer of copper alloy by percolating ground waters usually results in a complex of mixed carbonates and oxides and I ,being a fossil man, am interested in the transition. Happy to buy them but as happy to rent them or loan them or if you are feeling generous give them away. As long as they have not been chemically altered by that funny paste sadly on sale in many metal detecting clubs. THanks
  3. Hi All , I hope that somebody can help me, About 20 years ago I was working on an 400 year old pub.. And found a selection of various coins one of them being the coin in the photo.. Sorry for the poor quality picture .. Bugga it hard to get a good photo of a coin.. Any how I have been searching the last few days to see if I can find this coin. And the closes I could find was a 1773 George the 3rd coin.. I am assuming its a half penny the size of the coin is 2 cm across Even thou the photos look blurry the actual coin face side is very clear that its a Bearded King George coin and dated on the back with 1773.. Would be grateful if somebody knows if there was ever any King George 3rd coins with a beard minted? Or do I have a really rare coin .. Thank Colin
  4. There is an overstrike on the letter D in F:D: in my 1860 half penny. I dont think its a D over D but maybe a more experienced eye will be able to tell me more about this. Regards
  5. LeighW65

    Several coins for sale.

    Hello all, I have just come across this forum and website and am looking to sell my coin collection. I have started to write up the small collection but wanted some advice on valuations if possible please? I was unable to attach the list here for unknown reasons, but if anyone can direct me to an website or they provide such a service, Please message me. Thank you Leigh.
  6. Conditions range from G.F to Poor - Can send photos of individual coins as requested - Open to all offers One penny Edward 7th 1903 One penny Edward 7th 1904 One penny Edward 7th 1907 One penny Edward 7th 1909 One penny Edward 7th 1910 One penny George 5th 1911 One penny George 5th 1913 One penny George 5th 1915 One penny George 5th 1916 One penny George 5th 1917 Half penny George 5th 1917 One penny George 5th 1919 One penny George 5th 1920 One penny George 5th 1926 One penny George 5th 1927 Half penny George 5th 1928 One penny George 5th 1928 One penny George 5th 1930 One penny George 5th 1931 One penny George 5th 1936 One penny George 5th 1936 One penny George 5th 1937 One penny George 5th 1938 Half penny George 5th 1940 One penny George 5th 1944 One penny George 5th 1949 Half penny Elizabeth 2nd 1959 x2 One penny Elizabeth 2nd 1961 Half penny Elizabeth 2nd 1962 Half penny Elizabeth 2nd 1963 Half penny Elizabeth 2nd 1964 Half penny Elizabeth 2nd 1965 One penny Elizabeth 2nd 1967 1928 Irish penny ‘G.F’ grading
  7. Can you anyone confirm the the die numbers on this 1861 Half Penny Many Thanks in advance Steven
  8. Good evening, I've been given this coin from a customer who 4 years ago unblocked a drainage trench near where we live.( St Fagans castle) Cardiff . Due to his wise curiosity checked every spadeful of mud that emerged and out popped this coin. I've checked Colin cookes website and I've managed to make out that it's : year could be 1698, Weighs 9.31g Can see a full stop after the(S') Obverse reads - GVLIELMVS TERTIVS' Reverse-corroded but BRITAN ?NIA is possible to make out. Year 10% what I see is 1698 not sure. Could any body shed some light on which variety it is there are so many 1698-1699.
  9. Hi all, I'm new to this forum and quite new to coin collecting. I just wandered if I could get some opinions about the grade of this 1807 half penny and possible value? Many thanks in advance.
  10. I have a lot of coins stored away and would like to know the value of them. The earliest coins I have date back to late 1800's, the earliest dating back to 1862. The earliest coins I have wear all over, some are difficult to see the images and the writing but some are clear to see. Most of them are pennies and I have around 75+ from 1800's,most of them in good condition. The pennies (70+) from early 1900's are also in good condition. I also have some half pennies and shillings that are also in great condition. I would like to know how much you think they can sell for in the UK? Thanks, replies will be appreciated.