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  1. Thanks very much for your replies. The second I in Victoria also looks funny. Would you say this is also an overstrike result? Is there a website where one can find a listing/pictures for comparison and identification? Lastly, what does this do to the value of the coin? What would be the value? Regards Rick
  2. I have a 1859 three pence in which the I in Victoria seems to be overstruck over something smaller. After searching and not finding anything, I have the usual questions if anyone can assist. What is it, has it been seen before, does it affect its value and what would that be....... Thanking all in advance Rick
  3. Rick2020

    Mis-Struck Henry III penny help

    Hi I don't know if this qualifies but I recently came across this which seems to be some kind of mis strike. I'd appreciate any comments Rick
  4. Rick2020

    Extra colon in a half penny???

    Wishful thinking on my part I guess........
  5. Hi All. Do you think this could be an extra colon in the word Britanniar between the A and N ????? I'd appreciate your opinions.
  6. How do double punches like this affect the value of the coin? Although l have been collecting coins for a while l only recently decided to include "mistakes" in my interests. Thus l have to plead a lot of ignorance here so please bear with me :-)
  7. Does this type of die crack give this coin any extra value or does it do the opposite and make it a curiosity with little value?
  8. how do you think I should describe it?Squashed or rotated C?...
  9. Thanx for your answer. Any thoughts on the 1860 Penny D overstrike?
  10. When I look at this 1889 penny the C in VICTORIA just doesnt look right(to me at least). The CT relationship especially. Is the C angle a bit off? Or am I seeing things? Regards to all
  11. The pic showed on my computer but I guess it didnt post.....Here it is....
  12. oopppssss I did something wrong. Here is the pic
  13. There is an overstrike on the letter D in F:D: in my 1860 half penny. I dont think its a D over D but maybe a more experienced eye will be able to tell me more about this. Regards