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  1. I tried to vary the different types of coins I have. Also, I found a 1 cent coin that says Queen Victoria on the front and Straits Settlements One Cent 1889 on the back. Is this worth much?
  2. I have a lot of coins stored away and would like to know the value of them. The earliest coins I have date back to late 1800's, the earliest dating back to 1862. The earliest coins I have wear all over, some are difficult to see the images and the writing but some are clear to see. Most of them are pennies and I have around 75+ from 1800's,most of them in good condition. The pennies (70+) from early 1900's are also in good condition. I also have some half pennies and shillings that are also in great condition. I would like to know how much you think they can sell for in the UK? Thanks, replies will be appreciated.