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  1. That is so true, Just goes to show that even in 1770's a everyday person had the means and know how to counterfeit coins Thank you for your help..
  2. Ok thank you Glad that has been sorted .. I can sleep tonight now lol... I am guessing theses type of coins are worthless?
  3. Is the hair different as well to a Farthing for this year ?
  4. Hi Rob, Thank you.. I try and take a better photo.. Seem odd to have a forgery with an obvious mistake of a beard ..
  5. Hi All , I hope that somebody can help me, About 20 years ago I was working on an 400 year old pub.. And found a selection of various coins one of them being the coin in the photo.. Sorry for the poor quality picture .. Bugga it hard to get a good photo of a coin.. Any how I have been searching the last few days to see if I can find this coin. And the closes I could find was a 1773 George the 3rd coin.. I am assuming its a half penny the size of the coin is 2 cm across Even thou the photos look blurry the actual coin face side is very clear that its a Bearded King George coin and dated on the back with 1773.. Would be grateful if somebody knows if there was ever any King George 3rd coins with a beard minted? Or do I have a really rare coin .. Thank Colin