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  1. Anyone remember these old dealers?: Tony Mathews (Foley Island Coins) Leonard Kaitcher Alan Rayner The almost unfortunately named Johnny Condon (in the Caledionian road near Kings Cross) The great Irish guy who everyone sold their pre 20 and 47 to- (John O'hara?) Patrick Deane D. J. Traynor (was he with Tony Brock?) Nigel Goldman (he finished up inside but then became a succesful author) I'm sure there's more but thats all I can remember for the moment and also many of them from the 60's and 70's amazingly are still around..
  2. There a some rare old pennies in the September auction....has someone off loaded a collection...or some duplicates?
  3. Colin88

    NGC London ..

    Has anyone managed to speak to anyone in NGC London in the last few days ??? have tried several times never any answer ..useless
  4. PCGS / NGC et al.......such a sloooow turnaround ....and impossible to contact or get a reply from any of them in the US ....must be worth setting up in Europe somewhere ....ok so UK might be expensive for them but Eastern Europe must be worth a go as a central hub for Europe and they would work twice as hard and twice as fast I'm sure....Americans cant be the only people who know how to grade coins surely ?
  5. Not a proof , not a nice coin especially for £100.. return the coin and get your money back
  6. Both of these have to be destroyed .. the pyramids were built by slaves and the 1799 Halfpenny shows a woman’s breasts ( i tried to upload pictures but files too large ) .. The Thought Police are coming for you ...
  7. I tried calling NGC London several times before the Virus thing...never any answer,.just a voicemail saying that the Inbox was full. .I've tried calling the last couple of days,same thing I tried the US number of one of the Directors...not even a voice mail facility it just rings and rings,have they gone bust?
  8. Colin88

    NGC London - Are they still operational??

    I'm not shclepping all the way to London with my coins if they haven't answered their phones for weeks and the Head Office in the US haven't either....if I ran my business like that and like your bank...I would be out of business very quickly
  9. Very pleased to hear it and I do all that I can to encourage young people to collect coins but you're the exception rather than the rule, believe me.
  10. I see that there's one coming up at DNW albeit somewhat battered but clear enough and obviously exceedingly rare. Estimate at £500 to £700 is somewhat on the low side but will succeed in attracting bidders for sure.
  11. I never thought that I would ever mention the 'London Mint' in favourable terms but they are selling the BU 50p for £4-50 as opposed to the RM selling them fot £10.
  12. unfortuntely Its been cleaned in some way for sure. I'm going with the dipped option based on the photo ...
  13. Colin88

    GENI - TPG

    Has anyone heard of these people or actually used them or get the point of them ? Apparantly been around for 2 years , based in France and like most French companies appear to be very provincial in their approach. As evident by the fact that they still don’t have a website in English so are really limiting their business to French speaking numismatists which must limit their global reach somewhat I would suggest. Still, the octagonal slabs look groovy.
  14. .. and here we are again .... all collectors are poor innocent lambs going to the slaughter and all dealers a nasty horrible people ... yawn
  15. grading has never been consistent over time .:. it’s still done by humans and is therefore subjective .. even professional graders can’t agree .. send the same coin to 3 different TPG’s and it wont come back with an identical grade across all three. why are the same people on this site so bitter and twisted and hung up on dealers or anyone for that matter , making a profit .. as long as you’re happy with the coin or the product and with the price who cares what the seller is making or not making...no one is forcing you to buy.
  16. I was trying to get something in with topiary .. can’t make it work... Maybe I’ll try with pruning ... nope that’s a dead end too some good ones there people ... 😂
  17. On sale for £20,250 !!.....worth £20 This is the very worst of eBay which is a tolet these days as far as coins go with these ridiculous prices , particulary the like of the Abolotion of slavery '1807' £2....which Ive seen fakes of being offered for many thousands
  18. Looks like Spink have got a 1937 Edward VIII penny going into their September Auction ....
  19. Customs charges are like mobile phone bills.. a complete mystery to us all
  20. Overall and generally I dont think that the prices acheived were that crazy and certainly a few bargains to be had and the cheaper end .....Lot 27 the 1823 Halfcrown at £1600 hammer and Lot 62 the 1922 / 27 Penny at £1100 hammer were cheap coins I would say.
  21. Exactly ... my best one is I went out to buy a washing machine and came back with a Porsche .. they get over it .. 😁👍
  22. Just do it ... Nike ! Its like buying a house , or that boat , or that car u always wanted... if you sit down and analyse it you will never get it .. Just do it .. take the flak from the wife then it passes .. like the quote above .. don’t ask permission , ask forgiveness