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  1. Gary D


    Just back from my birthday treat trip. They treat their camels better than their wives, well a camel is worth a lot of money.
  2. Gary D

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Is this the proof which came in both 0.5 and 0.925 silver or the more common pattern proof.
  3. What is there to say, foregone conclusion. The EU is over there so what has that got to do with domestic UK.
  4. If yiou look at Nick's pictures, at the very top left of each, the left coin looks to have a wider border.
  5. I seem to recall the rock test but I don't have the collection with me at the moment so can't check. To see the rim difference you really need to place the two observes side by side.
  6. You could try here https://onedrive.live.com/?id=943941AD323D5647!135&cid=943941AD323D5647
  7. Colin G said " Surely true democracy is being given a choice by representatives and then those representatives delivering the choice that received the majority of votes. " We do not have a house of representatives here in the UK. It's government that makes the laws, parliment only supplies oversite.
  8. If I recall correctly May was unopposed as all the Brexit in chiefs had run for cover as they knew the the stick had manure on both ends.
  9. err the customs union and single market are two totally different animals. So now you are saying that Turkey is in the EU as they are a member of the customs union.
  10. They were shiting themselves over UKIP and nobody took it seriosly that leave would win. Basically the country was peed off over the government and voted to give them a good kicking.
  11. The MPs may have disappointed 17.4 million people but then they still have a duty of care for the other 50 million.
  12. The trouble is nothing will be better than the Germany + which we already enjoy. At least the EU can get 27 governments to agree whereas we can even get one.
  13. Gary D


    Lake Titicaca late last year.
  14. Gary D

    1913 penny - Freeman 175 & 176

    Can't remember that far back, If I did have one from Crocker it will be the current one in my collection.