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  1. BritishHammeredCoins

    Stuff to Make Us Laugh

    Shame it’s not Edward 😅
  2. Beautiful gardens I must say!
  3. BritishHammeredCoins

    Munich coin show

    100% I know a lot of dealers who lost out.. and was already in Germany...
  4. BritishHammeredCoins

    Charles I Half crown ID

    Yeah really nice.
  5. BritishHammeredCoins

    Charles I Half crown ID

    I don’t see it but that’s just me, nice example though.
  6. BritishHammeredCoins

    My latest Hereford mint coin

    Great buy nice example.
  7. Yeah even the contemporary forgeries did really well.
  8. BritishHammeredCoins

    New member

    Hi all, Just thought I’d introduce myself I’m new on the forums got recommended by a friend PaulW, I’ve been browsing and lurking in the shadows and I thought I’d make a post.. I mainly collect Charles I tower mints but has interest in any Hammered coin don’t mind Irish and Scottish also.. I also run a Facebook group with close to 6000 members all buying selling and trading British coins. ill try and do my bit to contribute the best I can but I am also still learning. 👍
  9. BritishHammeredCoins

    New member

    I’ll post some shortly there’s plenty to get through 👍
  10. Market is booming DNW hitting some crazy prices.
  11. BritishHammeredCoins

    Charles I Halfcrown S. 2764 (?)

    Lovely coin Paul excellent purchase.