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    Constantly hassled by a robin we've been training.
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    It's a riot of colour really early this year.
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    sorted out the patio seating area finally- wife very happy. Found a nice place for some stained glass panels.
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    Here's a shot of how pleasing just the foliage of Canna 'Durban' can be with the sun shining through it.....
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    Yes- i have an awning that I threw up years ago- wooden frame and polycarbonate, and once the sheeting had got old, a big hailstorm shot it, so this year, with more time and loads of sun, i decided to change it- imperial sheet out, metric sheet on. What a laugh. All with a grape vine to be supported through out the job.... Most important, I've discovered- if you are into tropical or tender plants, you must have a not in, but not out, halfway house, where you can drag plants under for the winter, This gives a bit of shelter from low temperatures, but more importantly, gives you control over watering. Keeping things on the dry side is like an extra 5˚ of frost hardiness. The best money I've ever spent is on this awning. Mind you, when it fell to bits, i did sing 'Awning has broken' , so I kept up standards.:) I've only got 10 by 5 metres to work with, and in a way, it's good. I have so many friends with 5 acres+, and they are not in control of 30% of any of it. All my investments have been in equipment, not houses, so the small garden is a lovely indulgence, not a chore...... Picture from window. early in the year, so all the tropical leaves etc haven't woken up properly yet.
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    Both superb photos Blake. Your garden looks great, as you say a riot of colour. I do like those well stocked gardens. Then the robin pic is just so rural. For such a small bird they're remarkably confident around humans. It was crappy job time for me today. Noticed the number of windows caked in dried on bird muck, and also the drain needed cleaning out. Put it off all day until 7:30pm, and then went out armed with bowl of hot soapy water, sponge and brillo pads. Not the pleasantest of tasks but had to be done, and didn't take too long. Also a bit cooler then with a refreshing breeze. The drain was a lot easier than it normally is, as the detritus was so dry. Managed to remove it all in a few seconds and just rinse the grating. Mostly leaves.
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    If madness is defined as a mental disorder where a person is unable to comprehend present circumstances then I think this applies to the majority of politicians and indeed to most of the general population. This is clearly demonstrated by him being elected in the first place.😂
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    The fact that the US economy was doing well. But the covid 19 pandemic has really found him out for what he is - a madman. Plus his deliberately incendiary remarks following the cold blooded police murder of George Floyd (and let's be frank, that's exactly what it was) has put the cap on it. Quoting the words of a known Miami racist police chief from 1967, "when the looting starts the shooting starts", was not the most positive and harmonious way forward. Quite the reverse in fact.
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    Thanks Mike, I'm going to phone the revenue in the first instance as Pete has recommended, and take it from there.
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    Been waiting ages for this Meconopsis to flower.