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  1. I have searched through a few references for this and cannot find mention or explanation. Basically just looking to see if there is any information on why these denominations were chosen, and what were they trying to achieve by straying from the norm? A few of the suggestions i already have found through past questions, is these values were chosen simply to differentiate between the official issuance and to mark them out more clearly as a token issue, but I would like to hear if there are any other reasons for going down the route of different denominations.
  2. rpeddie

    DNW changing names.....?

  3. i havent kept up with LCA, do they have live bidding yet or are they still stuck in the stone age?
  4. I'm not sure if you remember i shared with you my 1928-1936 1/2 crown "hoard" a few years ago? this 1/2 crown period is my vice I agree with pricing and that's roughly where i stopped for those lots, i agree with the crown comment too, trying to find a high quality cheek(without pitting)/moustache well struck and a rocking horse that hasn't got great big dings in it is an exceptional condition rarity and deserving of the price if you are looking for perfection. Do you have images of the legendary 1930 1/2 crown at all? would love to see it
  5. Had to look this one up, Quite a lot of damage to that one i cannot justify it as a MS66 myself, maybe a 64 with the amount of damage on the rev would be a fair grade. Damage by the branch Britannia is holding and "big" dings by the date, along with a scratch across the fields on Britannia side too. Although saying that believe there is a 3 to 1 weight for the grading of the head side/obverse (lots more long flat areas for necks/cheeks being high points make it easier to grade circulation wear, good examples where rev hides wear due to design intricacies is Morgan dollar and jubilee 1/2 crown) so maybe there is some justification using this weighting that it is a MS66 example as the portrait side is pretty much perfect and it must look amazing in hand(need a coins in motion video of this example)
  6. very nice definitely good additions, i missed out on a lot of the earlier lots as i haven't bid with CNG for a while and didn't realise i had to create a new account and register for approval, luckily i noticed around lot 100 so had a couple hours to authorise before the GV series.
  7. ahh i was bidding on the 1928-1936 lots so might have driven some of this, i won just 1 of them had to let the 1935 go early as i was only interested in the MS67 6 pence from that. 1930 was a little higher than expected, all the rest of the coins in that lot weren't all that special, price purely driven by the 1/2 C (which is top pop but wasn't marked as such) Did you win any of these? some deals on the wreaths i feel
  8. rpeddie

    Chinese coin on ebay

    🤣 feels like it sometimes the original sales were cancelled and relisted, i got the £3k one of those the other £800 one is still up as it wasn't as tempting. Coin above is the 1926 20 cents commemorating the wedding between the final emperor PUYI(at that time abdicated and on his way to become a Japanese puppet)
  9. rpeddie

    Chinese coin on ebay

    I ended up getting the £3000 coin nothing untoward here just some reluctance at posting abraud for such a high value item. Chinese prices are going crazy at the moment again, up 2-3x on 2020 prices
  10. thought so thanks for confirming, i appreciate you looking it over
  11. Got this one, I'm no expert with the ol pennies and their varieties but it was advertised as TB/BB,
  12. definitely annoys me too, if you want to lose it though go to spink and try search for something, if you still have the stomach after that go to baldwins. Heritage has to be the best, at times even things miss-spelled come up, and the heritage coins come up in google image search which speeds up the process of finding the price of something Side note, the worst coin to find online sales history of is the 1 1/2 pence, there are so many different variations of what it can be called.....
  13. I have always been impressed with DNW, their website worked really well even way back in 2013 when i got my first (and profile pic) coin from them. They have a little work to do on their Archive search(works pretty well but not 100% there, needs a bit more standardising for denominations)
  14. NGC grade on this one is PF63, the TPG are normally pretty liberal when dishing out the "cleaned" details designation so i would side with it having not been cleaned from that aspect. Its at a tempting price at £650, was on my watch list before i saw this post