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    Here is an Edgar penny fragment I go last year. Shame that it is broken. It is thought to be Bruninc Norwich.
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    If you could let me know of anyone who hasn't been duped on ebay..I think it would be a very short list. Lets face facts we are all greedy and want a bargain.Dodging a bullet is good though.
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    As fragments go it ticks boxes.
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    My latest coin for the collection George III 1787 Sixpence the earliest coin I have. Any help with grading would be appreciated
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    When I bought my Nichols cabinet 25yrs ago it had a care instruction note from Peter about how to take care of it by regular use of bees wax on the cabinet (not the trays) ideally with the finest wire wool. It took another 10yrs until I actually followed through that advise and turned the rough original varnish into a smooth surface. I used wire wool twice and no more as I feel it is not necessary to wear down the surface. Only waxed it once every 5 years since. How do you take care of your cabinet?
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    To be honest, there is no such thing as a very old 1912 penny. They are in fact, all the same age...
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    My newest purchase. Am I right that it's "low tide" variety? Thanks