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  1. Richard , did you see my post on colons in more pennies on Friday , I would welcome your opinion .  Terry

    1. secret santa

      secret santa

      Terry, I did see your post and have looked at many of these pennies myself. As I say on my varieties website, I'm confused by them. All the pennies with either close or small colons (or both) show the incuse lines engraved on the bun (and the almost disappearance of the teeth into the rim) which suggests they are late stages of modification of the 4 die. The suggestion is that the colons have been re-entered onto a die with missing colons (which also has the lines on the bun) but there are many different "re-entered" colon types which suggests that there must have been many missing colon dies which have had the colons added back, in varying positions. But the missing colon variety (BP1860T) is very scarce and almost certainly (?) from a single die (although I have yet to compare all the known specimens to confirm that). There are other anomalies (see website again) which to me suggests that Michael Gouby's analysis of the nature and sequence of modification may not be absolutely correct. I still want to find time to do much more work on this and will keep you abreast of my thoughts/findings.


    2. secret santa

      secret santa

      Sorry Terry, I think that the anomalies of obverse G are discussed on my collection website (englishpennies.wordpress.com) - do you have access to this ?

    3. terrysoldpennies


      I just tried pumping in englishpennies.wordpress.com  in to google, it wanted a password , I'm not great with computers , not far off 70 you see. am I doing it wrong .    Terry