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  1. yes very difficult unless the image is good and has been photographed central and at right angles ....😑 but still a nice coin 👍
  2. I would say no, the border teeth are too close together. 👍
  3. Have a look at this site. Münzauktion this is a popular German site for German and World Coins. The language can be changed to english and if you click on the MA Shops you can get a feel for the Prices of German coins.
  4. Post unification? this is basically the standard Catalog for german Coins Schön available on Amazon. It is however in German. A more comprehensive Catalog is German coins 1601 to present from Krause which is in english Krause for an unbelievable price of 97 quid..... used....!!! or €56 used on German Amazon Krause I'm shocked at those prices!!!! I bought this Cat a few years back and the price on the cover is $59!!!
  5. Gary

    Coin of Nero

    Thanks for the input folks. Its not a detecting find. It comes from an old collection which was inherited by a friend of mine. He has nil interest in coins and asked me to check it out unfortunately I have nil experience in Ancient coins so am relying on the net I just cannot find a coin on the net where the bust corresponds! The reverse is almost right IVPPITER CVSTOS with the word CVSTOS extremely weak on the right of the figure. I feel a trip to a reputable Dealer coming on.....
  6. Gary

    Theodosius II Miliarense

    Thanks for the input and the link Tom. I agree it looks too perfect but apparently its from a good source. I think I'll have it looked at by someone with knowledge of ancient coins.
  7. here is another one. weight 4.11g and Dia. 22-23mm a nice looking coin but is it a fake? How do I find out?
  8. Gary

    Coin of Nero

    Here is a Denari of the Nero. I am having difficulty identifying it and would like your opinions. The bust is wrong and I can find no corresponding coin on the net! Is this a fake? It is 3.32g in weight and has a Dia. of 17mm seems to be silver.
  9. Gary

    more FAKES

    The German Ebay site states that is not permitted to sell replicas of Coins however the problem is to convince Ebay that these coins are fake? I did not notice the gkcoins watermark but even that is not enough to prove that the 1887 set is a fake as the now seller could have bought the set and is reselling! Who is gkcoins and who did they sell the set to?
  10. Happy Birthday Bob. Have a good one.
  11. Gary

    more FAKES

    http://www.ebay.de/sch/Münzen-Europa-/7975/m.html?item=331412855199&hash=item4d29bed99f&pt=M%C3%BCnzen_Medaillen&_ssn=coin-Olympic Spotted on the German Ebay, 1903 Halfcrown, 1887 Jubilee Set, Proof 1826 Crown and more! Real or not? They look good..... I for one am getting worried if these are fakes!
  12. Gary

    1840 Rupee

    Thanks for the book info Badger. I have ordered a copy
  13. Gary

    1840 Rupee

    I've got quite hooked on the Rupees. They are quite easy to come by and are not that expensive they also look good. The 1840 is only low grade but the price I paid reflected that. Is there any good Literature on Indian coins? Having looked at the pics of the coppers I think I will have to try and get hold of a few. The quarter and half Anna's look to be nice coins!
  14. 10 years old. Bin it unless the wife is attached to it like you said modern ovens are more efficient and easier to keep clean
  15. Gary

    Mint-darkened penny