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  1. Certainly looks genuine to me.
  2. Yes, very nasty copy. I also routinely report any fakes, replicas etc. to eBay when spotted as I did with this one.
  3. Hello Chris, The op Half Crown was one of mine that sold on eBay recently and here is the link to the completed listing - hopefully the link works. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1836-William-IIII-Milled-Silver-Half-Crown-EF-/351800123448? Incidentally like yourself, I have dealt with Martin on many occasions over the years without any problems at all. Obviously I can only speak from my own experience but he has always been completely open and honest with me and has always been a pleasure to deal with. Phil
  4. A/UNC from the photo's I would say
  5. Most definitely - one of the most obvious examples I have seen.
  6. G/EF certainly and perhaps A/UNC in my opinion
  7. You are most welcome Mike, no trouble at all. Best wishes, Phil
  8. 1841 in EF/UNC - £5250 / £8750 1840 UNC - £2500 1843 UNC - £4000 1849 small date UNC - £2750 1875 UNC - £1100 1876 UNC - £1150 1879 UNC - £1150 1882 UNC £1150
  9. Personally I don't think its too lenient - of course grading can be very subjective but I think this book does an excellent job overall and is a must have for any new collector. I still refer to in now and then myself and it is the only book on grading I ever recommend to anyone who asks for my advice.
  10. I would have put it at EF myself for the same reasons as ozjohn
  11. That is very sad. It was the Check Your Change books that kindled my interest in coins during the the late 1960's - perhaps like many other collectors of a similar age to myself. It was recommended to my me by my uncle, also a life long collector, and who indeed still is at the age of 92. Sadly I no longer have the books.
  12. Phil

    Help With Shilling

    Thank you - most helpful
  13. Phil

    Help With Shilling

    Thank you - much appreciated. Would that be Spink 2799? How would you grade this - I thought AVF?
  14. Phil

    Help With Shilling

    Hi all, I wondered if anyone can help me identify this Charles 1st shilling - this is outside my normal area so any help much appreciated.