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    George V 1915-1919 Half-crowns for sale

    Can I have some , I would like one of each year please ?
  2. did not get a single coin , all went above my set limits
  3. I will open a new post to get it out of here , I,m sure people have had enough of my bitching
  4. How do you want it short and quick or the full monty ?
  5. That's not good to hear , there are some items I want that go on sale tomorrow
  6. 3rd bedroom = server room , the one server keeps the room at just the right temperature for my coins
  7. Since my coins visit to CGS , it has been toning very well, and its locked in a safe in the dark (but nice and warm as its the server room) @Sword My coin has the same toning as the top part of yours, was it all that that to start with ?
  8. The chances of three graders getting laid on the same night , that would explain why CGS grades were so strict
  9. I think with CGS , a good grade depended on what day it was graded, and if the grader got laid the night before....
  10. It was rejected because of toning (Reject: Re-Toned) which I think they mean was cleaned at some time. It did come back with two extra scratches which I was taking them to court about, but they closed the company just before court case date
  11. SWANNY

    CGS "membership" Fee

    List them on here with the CGS grade , I'm sure they will sell
  12. The only thing I can thank CGS for is the nice pictures...
  13. If your talking about my coin , its a Crown