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  1. Paul O

    Brockages and other errors

    Manners cost nothing, between you, your behaviour is appalling, I would expect comments like this in Facebook, not in what supposed to be a serious forum. You can patronise & take the pi** all you like, just sold all 4. (To someone on here for a lot more than the first one sold for) First time I have logged on for weeks, (& probably the last) unlike some I don’t spend my life on forums putting people down. IanB “I'll have one Pete, if Paul O wants to do the deal. “, (that’s nice of you to ask) Nordle11 “I think your marketing techniques are a bit askew, Suffolk Coins needless to say, you lost at least one bid with me.”, (let me have your eBay ID so I can block you).
  2. Paul O

    Celtic Coin, what do you think ?

    Thank you Josie & Paddy, Iv'e looked at a lot of pictures of this type S.11 & S.12 (triple tail) & the "zigzag below" all seem to look different but none look remotely like this It’s nice to find something different
  3. Paul O

    Brockages and other errors

    Sorry Nordle11, stil thinking about it, & tracked/Signed post to Spain will cost nearly £8 To be honest, the 4 cost me £22, so there should be a tiny profit in it I will probably put them in LCA, error coins seem to do well there
  4. Paul O

    Brockages and other errors

    pics of the other 3, not very good light in here
  5. Paul O

    Brockages and other errors

    ok will do, have you got the item number from ebay ?
  6. Paul O

    Brockages and other errors

    I see what your saying, but all 4 are the same (Identical), so that's got to be worth more than a single (same sort of thing as consecutive number notes, sort of) Having said that, say If I found 4 unique Celtic coins from the same dies, would they be worth more as a combined group or sold separately ?
  7. Paul O

    Brockages and other errors

    No it's not form eBay, I have 4 of these that are identical, they came from a local general auction, I was told the vendor worked for the Mint as a setter (who knows if that’s true) I recon it’s even rarer to have 4 of the same
  8. Paul O

    Celtic Coin, what do you think ?

    It's a std Gallo Gelgic E. (well not that std) the Obv is blank, (it look like the "triple tail" has fell off) I can’t remember where I was it, but I do remember seeing a picture that showed various parts of the stater & the bottom supposed to represent a torc. I remember speaking to Philip de Jersey at the time I found it & he couldn’t find one with the same details at the bottom, & although he agreed it didn’t look like it represented a torc, he didn’t want to commit as to what he thought it represented.
  9. Found this in 2000 As I understand it, the bottom is said to represent a Torc, but to me it looks like a person covered with shields. What do you think ?