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  1. goomolique

    Mrs Peter

    So sorry to hear that.
  2. I remember members posting links to ebay coin auctions with bid history similar to the one below. Sometimes accusing seller of illegal practices. This is the link to the alloys i posted on ebay few days ago. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/141790110332?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 I dont know any of the bidders involved. Just wanted to share .
  3. goomolique

    Mrs Peter

    Sorry to hear that. Hope she'll get well soon.
  4. goomolique

    LCA - Jun 2015

    Yay new coins for my collection. I tried to get more hammered but unlucky this time. Hammered coins i mean.
  5. Yes i use them for nearly a year now. They are great. Takes few days but if you plan your transfers in advance its not a problem.
  6. goomolique

    Just An Idea

    I totally agree with you Richard. I would love to buy laurel like the one you posted. But how much would it cost? £2000? More? My budget at the beginning was £200 per coin. So far i probably bought only one or two within this budget. Out of seven - eight. I followed forum members' advice and bought best i could find/afford. I know that Cromwell will cost me way above my budget. And im not really a 'very serious' collector and i dont spend too much time doing my research. Awww its a tough one. The whole idea was to buy one coin of each monarch (different denominations) to see what i like the most. To decide what to collect in a longer run. I can already see that i like it all:) So it looks like my 'experiment' is a failure. Or is it? Your thoughts?
  7. goomolique

    Just An Idea

    It should be HVII onward.
  8. goomolique

    Just An Idea

    Gold hammered coin - thats what im after. Im on low budget though. Looking for one under £600-700
  9. goomolique

    Just An Idea

    The cheapest Ed.VIII is probably the halfpenny reverse uniface. It's currently in a 65(?) slab and last sold for around £3000-3500. You might find another pattern uniface for less than 10K, but after that you are talking £20K and up. I started with my budget at £200 per coin. I already paid two or three times that in some cases. I didnt know all EVIII are fantasy pieces. In this case i might leave a gap.I never liked him anyway.
  10. goomolique

    Just An Idea

    I thought there are Commonwealth coins with EVIII portrait? GVI and EII... not sure if i should go for a proofs or for example EF 1946 or 1949 threepence and something rare from EII too.
  11. goomolique

    Just An Idea

    Can someone help me with Edward VIII, George VI and Elizabeth II please? I have no idea what coins to get for my monarch collection. Thanks
  12. goomolique

    It is my birthday

    Happy Birthday Peter!
  13. The silver dollar i left by the kitchen window for two months and thats what happened.
  14. goomolique

    Recent aquisitions

    I always wanted one!