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  1. Hussulo

    Robert Matthews Coin Authentication

    I'm glad he's well. Thank you Peter.
  2. Hi all, Has anyone spoken or corresponded with Robert lately? I noticed his site was last updated in 2010. Is he still offering his coin authentication service? Anyway, if you know him & he's still in business could you please send me his contact details as a friend would like to contact him regarding getting a coin authenticated. He has tried emailing but hasn't received a response. I hope he's okay? Many thanks, Hus
  3. Sulphur tones copper coins. I wouldn't try this with an expensive coin but if you buy some yellow sulphur mix it with water put it in the bottom of a small plastic container then add a few layers of soft paper (tissue) and pop your coin in the container. Put the lid on and then store it somewhere warm like the central heating cupboard. Keep checking on the coin every couple of days. You might have to flip it over for even toning but after a couple of weeks or less it should start to look a lot better.
  4. Hussulo

    Verdigris in shillings

    Devinetly get any other coins you have out of those coin sleeves. As Rob says it looks like it is made out of PVC which reacts with coins and damages them over time. If you are lucky and get to them quick enough the acetone might help. You can buy acetone on ebay. I always make sure i have a bottle handy. Try and get 100% acetone. I've tried verdicare as well but it didnt really work for me. Maybe the coin I used it on was too far gone.
  5. Hussulo

    Error coins

    Some very nice errors there Danz! I hate it when sellers don't pack coins well. Shame about that one getting lost.
  6. Hussulo

    Error coins

    Thanks guys. Thanks for the link Nordle. Errors are much bigger business in the US but they are gaining traction in the UK. I recognise a few editors from that site, I have bought coins from Fred Weinberg before, hes a very knowledgeable guy on the subject.
  7. Hussulo

    Error coins

    Thanks guys. Hi Peter, I have been dipping in and out of the forum and reading posts but have been busy with work and family matters so not very active lately. But once the coin bug has got you its hard to shake off
  8. Hussulo

    Pain in the a**e Indian gentleman(?)

    clocks, locks Clocks and locks? golden horse cart worth 100,00,00,000/- pounds. I'm kind of confused with the zeros in this valuation but I do wonder what a golden horse cart looks like.
  9. Hussulo

    Error coins

    Are you interested in error coins? What are your thoughts regarding the current values for British error coins? Scott Wren has written a really nice article on the subject viewed from the prospective of a collector from Australia which has just been published in the UK edition of Coin News. If you do not get this magazine, I have been given the permission to publish the article on my website and it can be read on this page: error coins article I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the subject.
  10. A romantic idea. The word severe comes from the Latin 'severus' which means strict or stern and pre-dates the Emperor's name. Makes sense. Oh well it did sound like a nice tale. Thanks Clive
  11. Most likely not lost by a Roman. The Romans were known to have paid coin and given gifts to leaders across the border to form a pseudo-alliance or to make peace. Thats exactly what Treasure Trove said to my friend Clive. It was found not too far away from a Bronze age settlement. He was told to keep the locaton secret as they are going to have a dig around where he founf it. Apparently these where also ussually accompanied by a strainer as the wine in the Roman days had a lot of bits floating about in it. Another interesting fact he told me was that the emperor severus put an end to all the gift giving and that is where our current word severe comes from!
  12. Very nice looking site Chris. Clean and uncluttered. "MacKenzie Crook is a keen amateur metal detectorist" I didn't know that. Coo. I've been out a few times this year and I've yet to find a big find but my friend, who I sometimes go out detecting with found the Roman wine dipper on this page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-south-scotland-27941100
  13. Not sure but looking at the reverse edge at 3 o'clock it looks like it might be plated.
  14. Very cool double clipped planchet error. It is worth more then 50p and a keeper! For more read this: http://www.coinsgb.com/Error_Coins/Clipped_Planchet.html P.S. I would expect it to fetch between £20-£30 or maybe slightly more on ebay.
  15. It would have been caused by a slightly clogged die with perhaps grease. Then when the coin was struck it the detail for the 1 in the date would not be as sharp. I agree with Peter, it's neat but won't add any valuw to it. If you are interested in error coins take a look at this page for some pictures and explanations on major error types: http://www.coinsgb.com/Error_Coins/Error_coins.html