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  1. Ah, I see. Thanks for the information.
  2. Thanks for the Link Accumulator. It sounds most interesting.
  3. RobJ

    More mystery coins Japanese?

    Ah, there is a Video Clip there. It didn't show up on my Mobile Phone. lol I've changed my settings and I can see it now.
  4. RobJ

    More mystery coins Japanese?

    Are these mystery Japanese coins invisible?
  5. RobJ

    1937 Threepence

    Sorry Colin. Overlapped Post.
  6. RobJ

    1937 Threepence

    It looks like George VI to me.
  7. Ah, OK. Very nice coins all the same.
  8. Indeed. I find anything like that infinitely fascinating.
  9. Can you not also tell if it is a Proof Issue if the edge is Plain as opposed to Milled? Or does that not apply to all Proof Issues?
  10. RobJ


    Nice introduction. Welcome to the Forum.
  11. That's the one! Yes, I did notice that there were a few mistakes in there as well. I think that it is handy little guide as it gives you an idea on the Mintage figures. As they are taken from the 'Coin Yearbook' it will save me having to carry that around with me as it contains the same information. I think that is a great little Booklet!
  12. I purchased a rather interesting little 'Booklet' the other. It is entitled 'Pocket Money Guide' and was published in 1968. It is basically a pocket sized Guide on which coins to look out for in your change. The prices and Mintages came from 'The Coin Monthly Year Book' of the same year. It covers Farthings to Half Crowns from 1838 to 1967. It also has information on the 'History of Money' 'How money was and is made' Grading, Cleaning Coins and a small section dealing with the 'New' Decimal Coinage that was coming. It is a fascinating little read. It is so nice to see what coins were valued at then compared to now, and I think that it's great to see them priced in L/S/D. It is all out of date now of course, but it is still a nice little guide. It is well worth the £2 that I purchased it for and I will take it with me on my future coin buying expiditions.
  13. RobJ

    Test Token?

    Agreed. After all, it's not only a piece of history but it is also the history of the piece.
  14. There is a rather interesting artice in the latest issue of 'Coin News' on the Decimalisation of British Coinage. It covers the history and the first attempts to decimalise British Coins right up to when it actually happend. I found it most informative and interesting.
  15. Perhaps the chap who punched the letters had a day off? I agree that it is certainly fun to speculate on such matters. The 'Whats?' and the 'What ifs?' I find it all fascinating personally. There is nothing wrong with being a romantic about coins. I tend to feel the same way. I often wonder what the story is behind a coin. Where had it been along its journey? Who had used it? What had they purchased with it? How did it get little mark on its Rim? For me personally that is an important part of being a Coin Collector. You have a little piece of history in your hands. Admire the coin, have fun and speculate, but most of all, enjoy it!
  16. 'Check Your Change' is an excellent book to start with if anyone wishes to collect Decimal Coins. It has been quite invaluable to me and I would also highly recommend it.
  17. That is exactly how I became interested in Coin Collecting. I obtained a 1986 'Commonwealth Games' £2 Coin in my change one day, and I started checking my change for nice examples of coins from that day on.
  18. The first ones that I saw in my change were last year. I also think that they are quite common. I have seen quite a lot of them. On the other hand, I have still only seen 2 'Robert Burns' £2 Coins so far!
  19. Welcome to the Forum. From the picture it does look to be a minimum of EF. I would personally be quite happy to pay £20 for the coin.
  20. Indeed. Perhaps a better idea would have been to produce special Proof Issues for the £1 Coin 'Types' and Commemorative Issues and reserve the full Proof Sets for 1985, 1998 when the Obverse changed and 2008 for the new Designs. Annual BU Sets could then have been issued annually to satisfy the demand of the Collector. Sadly, we now have Proof and BU Issues not only for the Year Sets, but also for the Commemorative, non Commemorative and single release Issues. In Standard, DeLuxe and Executive formats. All available in Platinum, Gold, Silver and Base Metal . Piedfort and 'Normal.' Annual, Christmas, Birthday, Baby and Anniversary Sets. I'm personally waiting for the Super DeLuxe Annual Executive Baby First Anniversary of Christmas Piedfort Bronze, Silver and Gold highlighted Platinum Proof Commemorative Collection. Suffice to say that the market is over saturated. lol
  21. RobJ

    Test Token?

    What a fascinating and most interesting piece of history. Thanks for sharing that with us.
  22. RobJ

    saxon Penny Cnut ?

    I would imagine so as long as it was spelt VERY carefully. lol
  23. RobJ

    saxon Penny Cnut ?

    Welcome to the Forum.