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  1. Accumulator

    More Pennies

    I wouldn't normally advertise on this site, but I'm getting rid of various 'penny collector' related items and I'd rather they went to a good home. I've listed them on eBay today, as two separate lots; books (including Peck, Freeman, Gouby, Bramah etc.) and also catalogues (Freeman, Norweb, Bamford, Adams etc.). I would consider all of these essential for any serious penny collector. Links are here: books & catalogues I also have various penny-related Quadrum capsule items and storage boxes if anyone is interested in these? Steve
  2. Accumulator

    Pennies - Heads Up

    Many thanks for pointing that out! I've deleted the auction with the wrong photos and will re-list. Regarding my own collecting, I've been spending time on family, business and other hobbies over the last couple of years, but will always have an interest in coins, even if no significant collection. Perhaps when I retire...
  3. Despite having sold much of my penny collection, I still have a few interesting coins. I intend to go through them over the next couple of weeks and list on eBay, as I'm keen to move them on. I don't really want to use this forum for free advertising but penny collectors may appreciate a couple of links: 1856 Plain Trident 1848
  4. Hi, Thank you for noticing this! I've taken a look and Neil appears to have used a photo of a coin I don't recognise. It's certainly not the Freeman 71 I have for sale! Also the photo of Lot 85 is terrible, with a large fingerprint and other marks which certainly aren't on the coin. I'll get Neil to look at these tomorrow and sort out the correct photos.
  5. FYI... I spoke with Neil at Colin Cooke's today and pointed out that some of the slabbed coins appear to show fingerprints. These are definitely not on the coins themselves and so he has promised to re-photograph (after wiping the slabs clean). Hopefully my own website photos bear this out. Also some of the model pennies are in perspex cases and these will be re-photographed too.
  6. Firstly, many thanks to Chris for letting me post details here. It feels more like letting my mates know, than out and out advertising, so I don't feel too guilty! I've now been advised of the following timetable: Tuesday 3rd May (probably late afternoon); the catalogue and full details will appear on the Colin Cooke website. The sale itself will run from 17-24th May. Steve
  7. Everything should be visible again now! Thank you for all your kind comments.
  8. I've had so many requests to make the collection visible through the website, so I'll do this as soon as I'm home again in an hour or so!
  9. Hi Guys, I was going to post in this forum once my collection appeared on the Colin Cooke website, but the rumour mill has prompted me to come out of hiding earlier! I've added text to the front page of my website (see signature link below) which explains the background to my decision but basically, as much as I have enjoyed every moment of assembling the collection, priorities in life can change. I will very much miss the vibrant penny collecting community and hope that any purchasers gain as much pleasure from owning these coins as I have over the years. If anyone has specific questions, please feel to post here or message me. I will check back from time to time to reply or answer any questions. All the best, Steve
  10. Accumulator

    More Pennies

    Rashenley, I rarely find time to post these days but I do occasionally drop by to check what's happening. Seeing your collection and website stopped me in my tracks. Just fantastic! Also, clearly a work in progress so I can only imagine how it will develop given more time. I'm wondering whether we've met at auctions in the past, though I've not been to one for a year or more? At the moment business and family give little time (and finance) for hobbies, but i may well return to the fold in the future. You're certainly setting the standard to aim for when, and if, I do return!
  11. Hi guys, and thanks to Coinery for the heads-up on this penny coming to auction. A really interesting and valuable contribution from Michael too! I've been very busy with my business for the past few months and been putting any spare cash into other areas. I do drop by and read this forum from time to time though. Although I've never really thought of my pennies as an 'investment', I do necessarily consider this aspect when spending significant sums on new acquisitions, especially with retirement maybe only 10-15 years away. I haven't checked recent auction results so wonder what the penny market has been doing of late, especially at the micro-variety level? If I felt more confident about market stability I might be willing to spend more on adding to my collection!
  12. Yes, indeed. An altered date, just for fun. The other coins are genuine though! I have a few more to add but been rather busy of late.
  13. Accumulator

    1862 Penny Varieties

    Ok, Dave, you seem to have one of each variety. The gap at the top of the head is noticeably smaller in obverse 6, and the first T of BRITT is misaligned in obverse 2. The pairing 2 + G is rare, so hopefully you have a nice example? In the photos below Obverse 2 is on the left and 6 is on the right:
  14. depends whether it's incuse or raised - to my eyes it looked incuse at first but I admit it could be seen either way. I don't have the coin to hand but I'm fairly sure, from memory, that the 'Arabic' 1 is raised.
  15. Not quite the same, but I have this 1874 which is CGS certified as an inverted Arabic 1 over 1. Whether it's really that, or something entirely different, I don't know? The general consensus here is against it being an Arabic 1. Also, it's not clear what happened to the 4!