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  1. mhcoins


    Hi We are looking to acquire examples of the Oxford Mint Halfcrown of Charles I for a collector we are working with. Should you have any duplicates that you might consider selling or any single examples please feel free to send us any images. Many thanks
  2. The enigmatic 1642 Charles I Exeter Mint Halfcrown. Ex Lingford and coin number 8 listed in D. Liddell & A. Rayner's study of this issue from their BNJ article.
  3. also I believe very recently Spink were selling the volumes for about 20 each ?
  4. I think trying to condense that many die variation into two books would be impossible given how detailed his die studies are. Also I know first hand that the number of varieties, say of the Oxford mint is far greater than the initial Bull books indicated (These were made about 10 years ago). I've also established since its publications many new die varietys previously unrecorded with him for the tower mint.
  5. I had asked semra if I could bid by phone but she didn't even reply to the email. Never mind there's always the st James's sale coming up I guess
  6. glad at least someone did, how were there phone bids if there wasn't a live sale ?
  7. they could have at least offered a live stream on FB or Twitter
  8. I emailed them to see if I could arrange a phone bid, no reply. so how is today being conducted ? Is there a live stream of it
  9. I'd be interested for my civil war collection, if you would be willing to sell it on
  10. Interesting piece ! its definitely not one of Thomas Simons examples , its too crude but its very intriguing.
  11. @azda I'd assume on coins you listed yourself for sale (on ebay) you've put them at a price with a big profit in comparison to what you've paid. You can't call out people for something you do yourself imo
  12. if someone says its AEF or GEF it doesn't mean it is, make your own opinion.
  13. No one is being forced to buy from him nor is anyone being forced to agree with his grades. Perhaps a little caution and caveat emptor could be expressed over the grading but he is entitled to make a profit. If someone chooses to buy it, I'd guess it will be based on its provenance and from the look of the coin in the photo or of it in hand, not from his grade he has listed. Many Slaney coins since the sale have gone on and sold for double the original sale prices. Looks like it was a cheap buy at the recent auction but I'd guess this will remain unsold for a long while at the asking price.