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  1. https://jonblyth.com/coins/coin-details.aspx?id=2501 The 1728 shilling ms63 for 2500 pounds is reserved, while the fair price is about 1250 pounds...
  2. That is why for quality coins and rare coins I tend to be more luxury when bidding in the auction. Otherwise they will end up in the hands of "dealers" like Jon, which will turn up with a price I cannot afford.
  3. And 1887 business-strike Jubilee head florin for 1250 pounds while 125 pounds are the reasonable price https://jonblyth.com/coins/coin-details.aspx?id=2480
  4. In Numistacker's new video, the title is "new pattern coins from 1953, 1901 and 1902", while those are not "pattern coins", those are fantasy coins.
  5. Numistacker has stated in a video that he and Jon Blyth are friends. You can tell that from John's website.
  6. The problem of John Blyth is, he is trying to sell the slab, not the coin.
  7. As the title. Jon Blyth seems to apply the price of 1893 Jubilee head threepence on the price of 1893 veil head threepence. The coin is at least eight times overpriced. https://jonblyth.com/coins/coin-details.aspx?id=2561
  8. celtic_coin

    Spink auction today

    The series E Variety C type I acquired is not rare, but it is rare to have a bird motif. The coin is also in good condition.
  9. celtic_coin

    Spink auction today

    The auction is extremely hot – prices of high-quality coins are far more expensive than the estimate. However, I found it much more reasonable than auction of milled coin and later hammered coin – a large collection of early anglo-saxon coins can be unique, and early anglo-saxon coins of good condition are extremely difficult to find on the market. I only manage to get one lot: https://live.spink.com/lots/view/4-1TK3W3/anglo-saxon-england-continental-series-695-740-sceat-series-e-variety-c-crescent-enclosi
  10. celtic_coin


    Indeed. Tin coins would be the same. It is extremely difficult to store tin coins without slabbing. I have purchased https://live.spink.com/lots/view/4-15AC0V/mint-state-63-colonial-america-james-ii-1685-88-plantation-token-of-124-reale-1688-in-tin this coin from the hardcastle sale, and slabbing this gem is definitely necessary and brilliant. Information of this coin: https://coins.nd.edu/ColCoin/ColCoinIntros/AmPlant.intro.html
  11. celtic_coin


    My previous post is related with the topic: the Numistacker is so depended on slabbing that he does have a very limited knowledge regarding grading coins. Any experienced coin collectors would grade this as NEF, while he thought he has bought a UNC proof.
  12. A video of Numistacker that is interesting. Some highlights: In the video he said that 1700 pounds is the right price for a 1821 proof crown, while nowadays a 1821 proof crown should cost at least 3000 pounds. If it is really a uncirculated 1821 proof crown, it worth about 5000 pounds. The highlight of the video is: he thought he has purchased an uncirculated 1821 proof crown, while any experienced coin collectors would grade this coin as NEF based on the photo of the coin.
  13. The story of Regal Stacker continues. He just listed some new items. His ebay "store": https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/thesovereignclub/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from= Here are some "highlights": https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980s-Elizabeth-11-Gold-Sovereigns-All-Years-All-PF70-Ultra-Cameo/333912991236?hash=item4dbec3e604:g:Dr8AAOSwbmJgRO2K https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1990s-Elizabeth-11-Gold-Sovereigns-All-Years-All-PF70-Ultra-Cameo/333912988825?hash=item4dbec3dc99:g:lmEAAOSwDVBgRPJy https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1893-Queen-Victoria-Proof-Florin-2-Shillings-PR67DCAM/333911665857?hash=item4dbeafacc1:g:9J0AAOSw6N1fnuyC Prices of his item are much more than outrageous. The prices he listed are three times or more expensive than prices realised in main auction houses, and maybe four times or more expensive than the fair prices. Rusell Franks (also known as the Numistacker) and Regal Stacker. You know they are good friends when you visit Regal's ebay "store".
  14. Recently I acquired a unique 1696 sixpence from an auction house in UK. The coin is a 1696 sixpence (First Bust, early Harp variety), but the coin is significantly double struck. The coin is graded by ngc as MINT ERROR MS 65 DOUBLE STRUCK. I have seen double striking in 17th early milled coin, but very few of those error coins can survive in a real uncirculated condition. What is more, the degree of the double struck is significant. I am not sure if I can consider my coin as a new variety of 1696 sixpence, but this coin is definitely unique. Here is the photo of my coin (the first taken by auction house, the second and the last by myself).