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Found 7 results

  1. DavidH

    Fake Roman or Greek coin?

    I have three of these coins, if that is what they are, in identical form and condition. They were given to me by my grandfather about 60 years ago. He may have acquired them in Egypt when he was stationed there in the 1930s. I presume they are forgeries but would welcome comments. The coin weighs 10.9 grams. Sorry, but I can only show one side of the "coin" as, although I have reduced the size of the photos, the site will not accept it. The obverse side shows a head, with a headband, facing right.
  2. Et tu Brute

    Is this Elizabeth I groat OK?

    Hi to all, I'm new in this forum. Sorry for my bad English. I have a little experience with greek and roman coins, but am an absolute beginner with British. As a fan of the works of Shakespeare, I'm very interested in elizabethan coinage. I have a penny, and have purchased a shilling on a reputable seller. But I think that perhaps I have committed a mistake; I have just purchased on ebay a groat without further research, and I fear that the coin can be fake, because the seller has some suspicious roman coins. I attach the seller's photo. According to description, weights 0'9g. (can be a mistake, that can't be a groat) and measures 17mm. I would really appreciate any comment about the coin. When I receive it, I can post more pictures. Thanks
  3. Have a pound coin that's date doesn't match when it was supposed to be made ? It'll be a fake. Does the edge inscription look a bit dodgy ? It could be fake. Feels heavy ? Too Shiny ? Lacks detail ? It could be fake. There's also information on : The Fake Kew Gardens 50p, The Fake Undated 20p, The Fake Carded Olympic 50p's and a large selection of fake £2's (Including the 2016 Shakespeare Tragedy & the mysterious 2011 I LOVE U LANI coin) Plus a selection of old coins, from Greek/Roman right through to George V (Contemporary and modern) and a few non-uk coins too. www.TheFakePoundCoinDatabase.co.uk
  4. scotsman

    Fake Coin

    Hi was giving this this a while back been told it's fake from what little research I've done am I right in thinking it's meant to be a silver tetradrachm ? from looking at other images of similar coins on google the owl is quite crude which surprised me I thought if your were going to fake it they would have done a better job any ideas on the material pewter ? would be interesting to see other members fake coins I'm sure there must be a few
  5. Trigger

    Wreath Crowns and Others

    Look at this......http://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/UK-COINS/117636_256683432.html No wonder there are som many on ebay.
  6. Hello all, I have recently found a very weird sixpence. The coin, see the picture, is only half of the usual height. I also weighed them both and found out that the thin one is 1.77g, and the normal one is 2.78g. At first I thought this could be due to circulation wear, however I now realise this cannot be because: A, The coin is still very detailed, particularly on the obverse and B, coin in 1967 were only used for a few more years until decimalization, so virtually all remain around EF to UNC. I can only think that this could be a mint error, getting the blanks wrong? But then again, no coin is of the sixpence size yet much thinner... Please help!!!
  7. Hello everyone, For a while now I have had an 1806 farthing - fourth type from the SOHO mint - in my collection, coloured in silver. It is only now, as I have come across another, which is of the same date but from Ireland, that I wonder why this is? I have enclosed pictures and have thought of a few possible reasons: They could have been coloured to pass as other coins, such as sixpences or half guineas? They may have been coloured afterwards to be put on jewelry? It may have been accidentally done by the mint? Something to bear in mind though with both is that they look nothing like any other coins and certainly did not fool me when buying them; a sixpence has never had "Britannia" on it! Also, in Ireland as far as I am aware, gold coins were never issued so there would be no need to try passing a farthing as a half guinea. I am also looking to, if possible, get rid of the colouring. If anyone has done this before, and more importantly if it is safe, then please let me know. Thank you.