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Found 2 results

  1. DavidH

    Fake Roman or Greek coin?

    I have three of these coins, if that is what they are, in identical form and condition. They were given to me by my grandfather about 60 years ago. He may have acquired them in Egypt when he was stationed there in the 1930s. I presume they are forgeries but would welcome comments. The coin weighs 10.9 grams. Sorry, but I can only show one side of the "coin" as, although I have reduced the size of the photos, the site will not accept it. The obverse side shows a head, with a headband, facing right.
  2. Dirt Monkey 1

    Help identifying some Roman Coins

    Hello all, I wondered if some people on here would be able to assist in identifying some Roman coins I obtained about 20years ago. I got them from a jewellery shop whilst working in Tripoli, the shop owner told me they came from the Roman site of Sabratha a few miles away. I have two silver coins and three bronze. I have always had an interest in coins but have only recently started collecting again. I am having loads of fun trying to figure out grading them but have a book to help me on the British pre-decimal ones, that doesn't really help so much with these so any assistance with grading would be great. I do have an idea of what I think some are, from a bit of rudimentary google work, but would love to hear what you guys think. Thanks in advance. Jason P.S. my files are a bit on the large size so will have to post one at a time, It may also take me a while to photograph and process them.