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  1. DavidH

    Fake Roman or Greek coin?

    I have three of these coins, if that is what they are, in identical form and condition. They were given to me by my grandfather about 60 years ago. He may have acquired them in Egypt when he was stationed there in the 1930s. I presume they are forgeries but would welcome comments. The coin weighs 10.9 grams. Sorry, but I can only show one side of the "coin" as, although I have reduced the size of the photos, the site will not accept it. The obverse side shows a head, with a headband, facing right.
  2. DavidH

    Fake Roman or Greek coin?

    Thanks Azda. I am satisfied that the 3 coins are replicas. David
  3. DavidH

    Fake Roman or Greek coin?

    Hi Jelida and Paddy, Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated. David
  4. DavidH

    Fake Roman or Greek coin?

    Sorry Peckris 2 and Paddy. Hopefully this attempt will be successful.
  5. I have two George III pennies in my collection. One is dated 1806 and is in Very Fine condition; the other is dated 1807 and is in Almost Fine - Fair condition. I was intending to offer the latter for sale but I am concerned that it may be a forgery. Although it looks the same as the earlier coin, it only weighs 18.1 grams. The earlier coin weighs 18.9 grams, which is the correct amount. Could the difference be attributable to greater wear or some other factor?
  6. DavidH

    Weight of ,George III pennies

    Thanks Copper123. I hope you're right.
  7. DavidH

    Fake Roman or Greek coin?

    Hi Peckris 2, Thanks for your observations. As suggested by you, I attach a photo of all three coins showing their obverse side. Having looked at them again more carefully, I see that they are very similar but not identical. What do you think?
  8. DavidH

    Ebay fees???!!?!?!

    I have sold a few low value coins recently on eBay, not having done so for quite a while, and was unpleasantly surprised to discover that they include postage as part of the price on which they base their commission. How can that be fair? Is there a worthwhile alternative to eBay?