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  1. Auction houses that specialise in coins should have top experts in all types of coins, and one should trust their judgement. however one needs to veiw the coins themselves, to be absolutely certain before bidding, as certain die pairings etc especially on worn coins is difficult to distinguish.
  2. bronze mad

    Cleaned copper half penny

    it was probably covered in green verdigris, and the owner has removed it, and reduced it to a shiny button!
  3. bronze mad

    More Pennies

    he did well there. 9 bidders, if it were a BIN it would still be unsold, probably at that price,
  4. superb coin. better than the one I have! I would grade it as GEF the only problem is the surface dirt will lessen it's eye appeal which is a shame, marvellous coin nonetheless Value? £1,500 at auction?
  5. bronze mad

    More Pennies

    it looks like its been struck from a cracked die on the Rev theres a raised line on the legend of penny, obv looks ok to me
  6. im pretty sure the first penny is 2+D but the legends have dirt in them so can't be too sure, maybe give it a wash in hot soapy water, rub with fingers only. the second one is 6+F scarce pairing and sought after, rated R16 by freeman third one im not sure either 4+G or 5+G, the latter is a very rare pairing R18 and the former still uncommon rated R12, but check with a magnifying glass underneath the bust RH side there is a recess see if you can see a signature L.C.WYON. OBV 5 will have NO sig,
  7. bronze mad

    Advice please.

    A weakly struck coin is due to the dies becoming worn away slightly, and this causes the struck coin to become less 'sharp' so the design looks in low relief, and to the untrained eye can be deceptive. Wear is due to flattening from circulation, try to compare coins in high grades and it will become clearer. I hope this helps, it is difficult to explain!
  8. bronze mad


    some of them are in good nick, I take it they are detector finds?
  9. bronze mad

    1876 H Farthing Large 6?

    ive tried to do another photo but having difficulties getting sharpness, so it might be small as f**k looking at the date numerals they all look like they have been re-cut? what do you guys think?
  10. I love the 3d i think it was the first silver coin that I had in my early collecting days and it was 1917, it was probably fair, and even now nearly 40 yrs later the one i got now is probably Fine! but thats just the way it goes.
  11. bronze mad

    1876 H Farthing Large 6?

    the top of the six is very faint, but up near the exgergue, and it is much thicker than my other example that i have, this is why i bought it. I will try and upload a sharper picture, what exactly does large 6 mean? taller? fatter? I have seen recut 6 which is probably what mine is.
  12. The 1958 brass 3d has always had a 'reputation' (Brassy Bertha ), but you're right - all of them between 1954 and 1958 present difficulties. Having said that, 1939 and 1948 aren't easy either - it was only this year that I got my first BU 1948. ive had a 1948 for a while now, it is a good strike, and i do have a 1939 cant remember if its full mint lustre though
  13. Is it a large six? i'm not used to handling many of this year for comparison!
  14. Ive always favoured the penny, and the farthing to the halfpenny, but I am starting to aquire more of them nowdays as I noticed that there was far too many gaps! and as im a sucker for die types the halfpenny is bloody confusing at times to tell between differences. I still love my silvers as well! Half Crowns to 3d's I got date runs from late Victoria to present with a few gaps, mostly in the lower grades with some top grades also. For some reason I favour the little 3d's, probably cos they are cheap I don't have that many Crowns though. And Ive got 2 Double florins I also like the brass 3d when lustrous they are beautiful, I have a date run of them and i need the four scarcer dates in high grade, but surprisingly the early Elizabeth years (apart from 1953) are difficult to get lustrous.1957 + 58 being the culprits for me.
  15. Great coin A/unc i recon, got some hairlines under magnification probably not visible in the hand! some letters on rev look like they are double struck, U I M? Y