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  1. Hi Richard .  I have been having problems viewing the small pictures on your headsntails site . So as I thought it was my computer giving the problems, I ask Matt about it and he seems to have worked out that its to do with where your pictures are stored . Anyway this all goes right over my head, but he has set up something for me with wordpress to view the pics, but they will ask you for permission , so I wondered whether that would be ok.  Its a brilliant sit ,but frustrating not to have all the pictures open up. If you need an explanation as to the technical bit, I'm lost, so please as Matt .  I do understand if you say no.      Many thanks Terry

    1. secret santa

      secret santa

      First of all, it's quite lucky that I spotted this as I didn't get any prompt via email which I usually do if anyone PM's me through the forum - if I hadn't come to check my own profile for a previous message, I may never have spotted it. Did you PM me or go a different route ?

      Secondly, I'm not sure why you're having problems but it's fine to get permission. I'll grant it when it comes through.  As I think about it, it may be that because I've copied and pasted some images from my collection website (englishpennies.wordpress.com) which is Private into the varieties website (headsntails14.wordpress.com), it's possible that you won't be allowed to see some images. If I'd uploaded them from scratch to headsntails14 you would be able to see them. What message do you get when you can't see a particular image ?

      If I want everyone to see headsntails14 I'll have to go back and upload all the images again - a lengthy process but I'll have to do it.

    2. terrysoldpennies


      Ah Richard . well when it starts opening all the pics of hole pennies open , but all of the small variation pic do not , there are just small little boxes with a cross in the centre, and if I click onto them a card comes up asking for a password . to contact you I bring up secret santa and post the massage . Is there a better way only I don't know it .   Terry

    3. secret santa

      secret santa

      When you bring up secret santa, you should click on the envelope to the right of the image rather than start writing in the open post section further down. Clicking on the envelope brings up a new screen like email and when you send it I get a notification. Try it and see.