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  1. Hi Prax

    If it was my penny site you complimented - many thanks. If it wasn't, then hush my mouth.

    You mention you've had lots of messages from forum members - If I've missed some bad news in your life, then please accept my best wishes. If I've got the wrong end of the stick twice, then I'll mind my own business.

    Best wishes anyway !

    1. Prax


      Hi Rich, Yes your site indeed, some quality eye candy.

      The messages from the members were about my sudden disappearance. I generally withdraw (call it sever ties) from stuff when I am making a major move. It allows me to focus on the job. Not that it was dark phase or anything just that my plans to emigrate backfired. So back on the job-market, house-market not to forget had to sort my boy's school, buy a car, sort the utilities ..... All the usual things that you have to do when you come back to the UK. 

    2. secret santa

      secret santa

      Thanks Prax - I've only just come across your response - the new forum doesn't alert me to new messages.

      Happy New Year and good luck with all your plans plus collecting !