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  1. Looks good enough to go on ebay, uncirculated very rare variety
  2. Gary1000

    Pain in the a**e Indian gentleman(?)

    We toured the US last year with a couple, they believe all of this rubbish hook line and sinker.
  3. This was the set I was thinking of. https://www.dnw.co.uk/auction-archive/past-catalogues/lot.php?auction_id=282&lot_id=235221
  4. Hi and thanks, I managed to find one which was engraved on the back of a silver 3d rather than a specially manufactured medal.
  5. No these were proofs. The plastic sets were currency.
  6. The only VIP proof set 1953 (I believe) I have seen was in a much bigger case and without the Crown, They also were of the earlier observe.
  7. Gary1000


    I think it would be very difficult to tell a VIP coin in a slab, you need to pick it up and feel it. It's not just the level of frosting it's the sharpness of the strike. If I pick up my VIP crowns they are sharp in the hand, the edges, the milling etc.
  8. Gary1000

    A £600 Churchill Crown

    I think what you need to be aware of with the satin finish crown is that it is a proof strike so there is more than the surface finish to distinguish them.
  9. I hope the satin proof that I bought from Baldwins is a satin proof.
  10. Gary1000


    PR65, I have one of the three PR67 which I paid £400 at a Canadian auction, they also thought it was a VIP.
  11. My set is in a strange greeny bluey mottled cardboard case, never seen another like it. Also with the VIP if you sit it beside the set proof you can see the differenc,e and picking it up it's so sharp you would think it would cut your fingers.
  12. Gary1000

    Lot 74 - Baldwins

    I have been beaten by a lower bid when my max was lower than the next increment.
  13. Gary1000

    peter rabbit

    I just hope these fool still have plenty of money left to buy my collection when I sell it in about 1 years time. I do wonder how many of these are real sales and not just wishfull thinking.
  14. Gary1000

    1909 identification markers

    I would say that the P is either slightly clockwise of the tooth or slightly anticlockwise of the tooth. I would also suggest that if the 1 is not visible the value is going to be small ever if the rarer variety.