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  1. Leesa Jhon

    Foreign bank notes

    I think every newbies post in this tread am i right friends? ___________________________________________________________________________ Villas for Rent in France
  2. Leesa Jhon

    Military Challenge Coins

    Hi, Friends it's my first topic which i am starting other wise mostly i replied to others post now days i am thinking that i should collect Military Challenge Coins please share you views about these coins.Thanks
  3. Leesa Jhon

    Newark Halfcrown Open to offers....

    I am also selling some cool coins at here Military Challenge Coins
  4. Leesa Jhon

    Another large detecting find

    That's good and truth money dose not grow on the trees, but if a man do hard work he can make it possible i hope you can understand my actual mean.
  5. Leesa Jhon

    Exact Change software

    I am also using a software for saving the record about coins and which is MS office.
  6. Leesa Jhon

    starting with food...

    It is good thinking that started with food.
  7. Leesa Jhon

    1900 penny

    I just want to say that all the coins are just amazing. Military Challenge Coins
  8. Leesa Jhon

    Things to know in Excell for cataloguing coins

    Hi from where we can get this coin collecting software? Military Challenge Coins