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  1. Benny who

    1887, proof 7 coin set, jubilee head

    Proofs for the 1887 sets have perfectly formed teeth around the edge,basically if your had cogs engineered,they would look the same as these,the normal 1887 are more rounded. If it has SPECIMEN don't trust that it is,as these sometimes can be a mixture of some or none.
  2. Benny who

    George III Crown Collection

    I never thought that this would be as hard as it is,to watch years of your life, your hobby being judged by the masses.To take an exiguous glance at something,and define it as not worthy, (hmm a proper grade)NGC have taken,one of the hardest to find Crowns and knifed the blighter,Lot 36622 is an S over T sitting at $170,surely when it comes to rarity,the same laws to collecting don't apply.I can understand the grade,but see past the PLASTIC!(this is geared at auctions houses and not the nobility who frequent the hallowed pages that are Predecimal). Similar is that of lot 36617 sure the mere whisper of a cloth may have touched the surface,however these Crowns are of a mottled appearance (lot 36614 is of the same ilk)cleaning would have killed this.They all have a ten degree rotation,however best way to tell is the small tall above on the Q and the why the P punched. Dear God (or affiliated deity)please forgive me this transgression,for orphaning out my chums,my compadres,my commerades,as I sit a quivering foetal mess in the the corner of our room we called home,I loved you all NO MORE OR LESS.......Go free my babies!!!!
  3. Benny who

    George III Crown Collection

    Thanks Peckris really loved collecting these,became quite a big part of my collecting experience over the last few years,they are still my go to coins at any Auction.I wanted to try Heritage,the only thing that I would say is that you really have to have them Graded which then comes out of your final figure. I decided to sell them all,which I hope will force me to take a different collecting avenue possibly George IIII or William IIII, If I had have kept a few it would have been the four Van Roekels especially lot 30601 the colour on that coin is beautiful,and the reverse is probably the nicest I have seen,but then I would be a bit Biased
  4. Benny who

    George III Crown Collection

    I hope it is Ok to put them on here,as one final place that they will be all together,bit of a bitter sweet pill to swallow. Most of these have been upgrades to the best examples that I could find,and don't included the description of the edge varieties found.Truth be told the 1820 over 1819's aren't there as these are probably the most common type and have their own group that could be collected.
  5. Benny who

    George III Crown Collection

    I have decided to sell my G III Crown collection,the lists are as follows;- http://coins.ha.com/c/search.zx?type=friend-consignorlive-notice&saleNo=3072&collection=208&FC=0 http://coins.ha.com/c/search.zx?type=friend-consignorlive-notice&saleNo=3071&collection=209&FC=0 These have taken me about ten years to put together,so would make a good starting point for anyone trying to do the same,or as a reference for anyone.
  6. Benny who

    Coin Image in B.S.C.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to help,it's a shame that it wasn't,the provenance would have been great. For some reason over the last year to 18 Months,I have been researching where my coins have come from,rather than trying to just buy the first pieces I have seen.
  7. Benny who

    Coin Image in B.S.C.

    Thanks that would be great,the book shows that the date positioning is similar, however there is not enough detail to confirm that it is,and to be honest I didn't know what else to do. Really pleased with it.I think it is an untouched 1818 Rev.Most of the 1819 had the Q re-punched to make them thicker,so it is always worth checking the QUI to see if the small tail is still visible.
  8. I was hoping for a little help with a coin I purchased.I have a George III Crown, CGS 7741,which was originally sold as part of the Peter J Davies collection through LCA 124 lot 1135. The coin looks like the 1819 Crown on page 31 of the book,however cannot be sure.I was just wondering if Peter is a member on here or if anyone could ask him.
  9. Benny who

    Assistance with Coin Grading Please

    Hi just looking at this coin if it is a London 1879 it would be a R4 with about 20000 minted,the B of B.P. also looks to be missing,however can't tell from the pictures. The coin looks to have been removed from a ring at some stage,which would hinder the price. One sold Baldwins Auction 88 Lot 2065. (can't find the sale Sheet for the Auction) London coins Auction 149 Lot 2494.
  10. Thanks,have had this a few years now,and is probably the one I have spent the most time looking at.
  11. This is the first time using the drag feature so hope it works.the coin pictured is my favourite George III Crown,and is the best that I have ever managed to study George is fully frosted,St George is so well struck that the coin actually rocks on his helmet,which would have been the first part to wear,however all the detail is still mint.
  12. Benny who

    more FAKES

    Found this,whilst looking at the 1818 Crown fakes floating around,makes me sick the industrial scale at which any of these coins can be produced,There is a picture of a 1934 Crown die half way down the page,so there must be a few of those in circulation be that die split. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/United-States-Coins-1878-8TF-Morgan-Wrong-Type-One-Dollar-In-God-We-Trust-Brass-Silver/736125_32548209759.html If they actually made them with their proper alloy,rather than the brass alloy,they said they are using,doesn't bear thinking about how coin collecting would be affected.
  13. This would be my ultimate goal in collecting,and would be the first thing I would look for if the lottery numbers came up.Most of the coins I have bought over the last few years have been GIII Crown sized pieces,and I would love to own at least one of the pattern Crowns albeit for awhile,money allowing. I have a few up for sale in the St James's Auction 34 lots 171 to 175,two of which I regret putting into the Auction.
  14. Benny who

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1818-Solid-Silver-Crown-Coin-Vintage-Prince-St-George-Dragon-King-George-III-/301597254529?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item463898e381 Just for info,This is a fake 1818 Crown,have seen a few so far,however this is the first that I have seen not passed on as a copy.
  15. Benny who

    Top 5 iconic pre-decimal coins?

    George III Crown George IV Half Crown William IV Half Crown Victoria Godless Florin,quite like the later Florins also. Rocking Horse,or Churchill tied fifth,just for the complete wild card factor(most people know what these are even if they don't collect coins),so in terms of being iconic I would list them.