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  1. I started my coin-collecting journey about 4 or 5 years ago and I reached out to Chris for advice on key decimal coins to go for. Chris suggested the following coins: 1983 2p 'New Pence' Mule 1994 £2 Gold Bank of England Mule 1999 £2 Technology (only in uncirculated condition) 2011 Olympics Aquatics withdrawn Lines on Face I'm absolutely delighted to have finally got all of these! It took me several years but got the job done when I managed to come across 1999 Technology Coin graded by NGC MS63.
  2. Hi Chris, when are the 2018 versions of your collector coin books coming out?
  3. HeavyT

    2009 Blue Peter Olympic 50p

    I'd love to buy this off you! Any chance we can do a deal?
  4. HeavyT

    Auctions in London

    Hi, Can anyone recommend somewhere in London where auctions are held? I'm getting fed up of eBay and thinking about other ways to add to my coin collection and possibly get a bargain or two.
  5. I have bought a brand-new digital scale, which I have calibrated. Unfortunately, I seem to have a problem every time I check a coin. I know sovs are meant to be 7.98 grams but it might show as 8 grams when put it on the scale, and when I weigh the same coin a minute later it came up as 8.2 grams! If I try it again, it shows 8.1! The scale is on a flat and steady surface but I can't understand why I would get different readings each time. Has anyone ever come across a similar problem with a new scale giving different readings for the same item? I'm planning to return the scale but thought I'd check here first to see if anyone has any suggestions.
  6. Hi, Can anyone recommend somewhere in London where I could take coins/medals to have them checked out? In particular, I've come across an Olympic participation medal from 1948 and have no idea if it's genuine/
  7. Thanks everyone for your input. Sounds like I've got to start saving up big-time to get these!! The Gothic Crown and 1817 Sov will probably always remain out of reach unless I go for a much lower grade. The thing about grading is that I'm so new to collecting that I think it would probably take me ages to get up to speed and be able to make a reasonable assessment. Also grading seems to be quite subjective, so something that might look MS might come back as AU if sent to PCGS or NGC. And then I also worry about if a coin has been improperly cleaned, which might not be obvious to me and if sent for grading it would affect the grade. It just makes life a bit easier if I buy ready slabbed. I'd expect to pay a bit more but it's probably worth it for peace of mind. I'm still relatively new to coin-collecting, I only started getting into coins just after the Kew Gardens hype and most of my collection to date has been modern coins in original Royal Mint presentation cases / packs (e.g. Proof Sovs, 1992 EEC 50p, 2002 Commonwealth Set, London 2012 coins, etc). The coins that I currently have from the pre-decimal era are mainly Sovs (got the 7 branch mintmarks in NGC MS63 - 65). I don't really have particular types of coins that I go for, it just tends to be things that are popular, likely to appreciate in value and would be easy to sell if I needed funds for something else.
  8. Hi, Grateful for your thoughts on what would be the maximum amount that I should pay for the following coins that are on my wish-list. I'm no good at grading coins myself so I only collect slabbed coins so these would have to be at least NGC MS63 or CGS80. I know there are price guides like Spink and Rotographic but not sure how they correspond to MS63 or CGS80. Coins that I'm particularly after are: 1714 Farthing 1797 Cartwheel Twopence 1817 Full Sov (1st Year) 1840 One Rupee (British India) 1847 Gothic Crown 1849 Godless Florin 1862 One Rupee (British India) 1951 Penny
  9. I contacted Royal Mint as suggested, and they've confirmed that the Indian Sov has been discontinued I did prompt RM but they did not explain the reasons behind this decision. That's a real shame, but it probably means that anyone with 2013 and 2014 Sovs with "I" mintmark ought to hang on to them as they will probably increase in value.
  10. Hi, The Sovereign was produced in the Indian city of Bombay for one year only in 1918. In 2013 and 2014, Indian sovereigns were produced again but this time in Delhi. I thought this was going to be a regular thing like the modern Perth Sovereign (since 2009) and produced annually but I can't seem to find a 2015 Indian sovereign. Does anyone know if the series has been discontinued after 2 years?
  11. Does anyone have a view on how this coin might grade if it were slabbed by NGC or PCGS: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1899-UNITED-STATES-20-GOLD-LIBERTY-HEAD-DOUBLE-EAGLE-ICG-MS63-RICH-LUSTER-/351460932300?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksi It's already graded MS63 but ICG but I've never heard of them and just wondering if these smaller companies are more likley to overgrade coins.
  12. HeavyT

    British Raj One Rupee

    Is the 1911 Rupee rare? I hear it being called the "pig" rupee, but does that apply to all rupees issued in 1911 or just a certain type?
  13. HeavyT

    Is there a £3000 coin in your pocket?

    The value of these first issue Aquatics coins seem to be going down as they now sell for around the £600 mark. Is anyone ever able to make an educated guess about how many of these were actually issued? Just wondering if they're really as rare as we've been led to believe.
  14. HeavyT

    Value of this full Guinea

    Hi, does the coin at the link below look like a good deal or has it been overpaid: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Royal-Mint-rare-Early-Milled-1792-Full-Guinea-Extremely-High-Grade-COA-Boxed-/181746357267?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_tr
  15. Hi, Could someone please be kind enough to recommend a good weighing scale to check sovereigns and other gold coins? Obviously want something that's reliable and would prefer something that is quite robust, the cost doesn't particularly matter . Is there a particular type / brand that is favoured by coin collectors / gold vendors?